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  1. Hubert H. Humphrey Opinion
  2. Tri-star COA I have never seen this one.
  3. "Sigh"
  4. Buy now or bye now
  5. Buy now or bye,now part two
  6. EMR Team-Please have this one removed
  7. what a shame walter johnson cuts
  8. Was anyone at ABS Sports in the Concord Mall in Delaware on 2/16
  9. Koufax question
  10. Why even try to help?
  11. Home Run Baker Help Needed Please
  12. Mounting Cut Autos
  13. A Real Shocker
  14. Babe Ruth Cut Signature Follow up
  15. Can anyone decipher this autograph?
  16. Autograph ID help
  17. A New one for the EBAY EMR's to remove
  18. Opinion on Mantle please!
  19. Ruth auto on Ebay - Opinions??
  20. anybody familiar with scottie pippen sig?
  21. Everything Baseball credentials - Babe Ruth auto
  22. Autographs destroyed
  23. Willie Mays auto- is it real?
  24. Jackie Robinson PLEASE HELP!! Fake Auto? Demanding Refund...
  25. Jackie Robinson PLEASE HELP!! Fake Auto? Demanding Refund...
  26. Making the purists cringe
  27. George Brett on eBay
  28. 2003 Atlanta Braves Autograph Identification...
  29. price trends auto'd cards, etc
  30. Jack buck signed nl baseball real or fake?
  31. Is this a Pee Wee Reese or someone else
  32. PSA ebay ball with numbers that don't match.
  33. Interesting Autograph "Stuff"
  34. Ebay, this auction needs to end.
  35. Sam McDowell as an autograph guest.
  36. How much is that Ruth autog. worth?A spat between a collector(MLB player)and a seller
  37. Gehrig Drew Maxx BRUTAL
  38. Mantle ball in weekly Heritage Auction - Really??
  39. Mantle and Dimaggio... Survey says!
  40. Ruth ball on eBay......fakes again?
  41. Bunch of autos, guessing fake?
  42. a Hum dinger
  43. Is this real? Opinions, Please
  44. Yes, it's another Ruth question
  45. Little Help
  46. Signed Xmas cards!
  47. Michael Root has left the building
  48. Another Mantle... Opinions please!
  49. Mantle Magazine
  50. Thoughts on Dimaggio?
  51. Where's Ross Youngs?
  52. Ebay delibrately leaving bad items on the board - they need the $$$
  53. Local Auction Help Maris, Mantle
  54. Thoughts on this Babe Ruth please
  55. SGC special
  56. Need some help on an authenticator
  57. 1986 Red Sox ball - is it real?
  58. Michael Jordan Autograph
  59. How does this Heritage/Mantle look to you?
  60. Good buy or good bye
  61. Willis and billy Williams
  62. DEREK JETER Experts Opinions ?
  63. Jordan Opinion....
  64. ot
  65. Is This Real?
  66. Opinion on Ruth 1 of 1 Cut-Auto Card??
  67. SOLD For Sale Thurman Munson Ny Yankee Signed Cancelled Check Jsa Coa
  68. A Tale of Two Hack Wilson's
  69. Need Help with Bucky Harris from Permier Auction
  70. Good, Bad or Ugly?
  71. Gehrig Ebay
  72. Help with an autograph
  73. Bad Mantle?
  74. Why does Topps love to destroy history?
  75. The Babe, Iron Horse, Ole Diz and Jackie
  76. PSA JSA actual lower prices for auto seekers
  77. Joepa's Mantle/Williams Signed Photo
  78. Meiselman Lists
  79. Opinions on Ruth please!
  80. Mickey opinion
  81. Nolan Ryan and the dreaded plaques...
  82. The Natural - Ruth Ann Steinhagen...
  83. Autographed Check Holder
  84. Opinions on possible Lombardi autograph
  85. Mickey Mantle signed silver certificate dollar bill. Thoughts?
  86. Help on an old Joe DiMaggio pic
  87. New York Yankees Signed Batting Helmet
  88. April 13, the day autographs stand still !!!!
  89. making a personilzation go away
  90. Koufax
  91. FS: Dana Kiecker Red Sox Minor league Payroll check.
  92. Post-1972 HOF Expansion Era committee
  93. 4 early Detroit Tiger Autographs need help.
  94. ...when you could still read their name
  95. Help Needed regarding bad Babe Ruth auto
  96. What the hate site says about Todd
  97. Sorry I missed this George Wright
  98. Chief Bender Signed Business Card Help
  99. Um......
  100. Kurt cobain ot
  101. Babe Ruth?
  102. Be careful with those signed baseballs - funny story in NY Times
  103. Mickey Mantle Bat Question
  104. WTB: Jim Konstanty and Eddie Waitkus Balls (and other rare Phillies)
  105. Opinions on a Joe DiMaggio...
  106. Cobb Autographs
  107. Rash of forgeries from this seller-emr team please remove
  108. Help with a tough one
  109. How to sell an autograph without certification from abc and xyz co., and easy primer!
  110. Gehrig JSA
  111. another one-emr team help
  112. AAGPBL Autograph Value?
  113. Why autographs?
  114. 1951 Dodgers Team Signed Ball...Clubhouse or Legit?
  115. April Pickups....
  116. Anybody collect Umpire signed baseballs?
  117. Ty Cobb ..Separating Fact from Fiction
  118. Pretty sure my Joe Dimaggio ball is fake...
  119. Cool postcard signed by a TOUGH HOFer
  120. Mickey Mantle - yes or no?
  121. 1941 Yankees and Red Sox Autographs Real or Clubhouse?
  122. Need help on Jeter auto
  123. Autograph Identification Help
  124. Pre-1950 Pro Basketball autographs
  125. EMR Team Please Remove-THanks!
  126. Brooklyn Dodger Autographed Ball Help
  127. Tris Speaker Autographed Program/Scorecard
  128. OT- Sunday NY Times article - Pat Neshek auto collection
  129. Another Joe D "is it real thread"
  130. Newbie wats to know about Steiner
  131. Question for Baseball Historians
  132. Pie Traynor Auto Opinions Please?
  133. Babe Ruth - Good or Bad?
  134. Beautiful HOF ball.
  135. Chicago bears autograph hof , are these real??
  136. Stargell Help
  137. Schmidt - Is it a real signature? Or: He signs so much, does it really matter...
  138. Fake Joe D ball, fake cert on EBAY
  139. A good article about collecting autographs in the NY Times
  140. Law Suits
  141. Bill Mastro - Great Guy
  142. Who will encapsulate signed pieces with JSA loa?
  143. Robert Edwards preview is up
  144. Are these real?
  145. Hey, are these real?
  146. Help with IDing baseball auto
  147. Another Mantle opinion
  148. R E Question
  149. ONE more E R
  150. A couple Orioles autos
  151. Little Help With a 1961-62 Yankees Ball re: Clubhouse Sig and Roster
  152. Need help with a group of autos...
  153. MiLB autos
  154. Who Are These Guys?
  155. Mantle Ball Help please
  156. Connie Mack Help Please
  157. This is what happens when EMR team reports get ignored
  158. Best Autograph Description!
  159. Cap Anson theater contract
  160. Hilton Smith...
  161. Harry Frazee 1919 Red Sox
  162. Value estimate please, Ruth, Gehrig, Speaker, others signed ball
  163. can an EMR report this invitation to FRAUD?
  164. Joe Dimaggio Autograph Opinions
  165. jordan help...PREPRINT
  166. Willie Mays help!
  167. Vintage Ball Signed, Auto Help?
  168. MLB Authentication holograms with same numbers?
  169. Little Red Riding Hood & Her Babe Ruth Signed 700th Homerun Day Ticket
  170. Buyback Autographs
  171. REA catalog intro
  172. Did anyone go to the Strongsville (OH) Show?
  173. Need opinions on an Ali auto.
  174. Need help on a Disney auto.
  175. Jackie auto
  176. Yankee Traveling Secretary Bruce Henry auto question
  177. OT - Donate to Boston relief now
  178. Anyone on the board close to Hartford, CT?
  179. I thought I had a tremendous find!
  180. anyone have a 1953-54 example of Clark Griffith?
  181. Just In..Autograph Reference Guide Wins "Book of the Year" Award
  182. Considering Selling Off My Autos
  183. My first Mantle request...
  184. Really Cool Maris piece
  185. How it should be done.
  186. Celtics Help
  187. Ted Williams
  188. Satchel[l] Paige autograph
  189. Thoughts on this Clemente?
  190. Value of PSA 1953 Dodgers Ball
  191. REA Gary Cooper
  192. Exemplar Needed - Winston Brown
  193. Rosemary's Baby: Baseball Autograph Album
  194. Check these out
  195. Anyone know who operates www.collecting-autographs.com?
  196. May Pickups
  197. This "Feel-Good" Babe Ruth Signed Ball Story is not going to end well.
  198. Williard Brown Help
  199. What the future holds in the autograph industry
  200. Didn't We Talk About These Guys... E-Graphs
  201. 5 Roberto Clemente Autographs. Opinions Please.
  202. Gehrig Reprint Auto-Ridiculous!
  203. Joe D Autograph
  204. Unkown autograph
  205. I couldn't take my eyes off of this baseball
  206. Ty Cobb?
  207. Jim Stinson
  208. Eleanor-for-Lou signed postcard
  209. DiMaggio Buy Now or Bye Now
  210. The future of this autograph forum
  211. Interesting Article On Peter Nash
  212. Gentleman James (Jim) Corbett authenticity opinions
  213. Is it real or not
  214. Teddy Ballgame or teddy nogame
  215. New Collector here
  216. I wish mike root would explain something
  217. Leaf Boxing card w/ Billy Conn auto, opinions
  218. Gotcha
  219. Oh how I hate these things,,
  220. How to tell if a Ruth sig is authentic?
  221. NBA basketball autograph help
  222. Satchel Paige signed bat
  223. I Made The Hate Site Again.
  224. 1927 Yankees baseball. Opinions, please.
  225. Ty Cobb rose from the grave to sign this ball
  226. Sandy......Cofax?
  227. Ruth/Gehrig
  228. Global Authentics Timeline
  229. Check This Ruth out
  230. Joe McCarthy checks
  231. Is this real?? Ted Williams Auto
  232. Heeeeeere's Jackie. Yea or nay
  233. Something Different
  234. Is your collection insured?
  235. Is this legit Harper and Strasburg signatures?
  236. PSA & UD joe louis autograph atrocity
  237. Team-Signed Ball ID?
  238. Don't race for this one,, Eddie Plank autograph for $400, yeah right!
  239. Is this Mantle real?
  240. Nice deal!
  241. Joe Dimaggio autographed from score board
  242. Babe Ruth is autographing jerseys now.
  243. Ichiro autos
  244. Harvey 2013
  245. Question regarding Ruth auto and JSA cert
  246. Looking for Mays and Aaron signings
  247. ISO: C.K. Fauver autograph
  248. Buying autographed balls through players' web pages.
  249. Just wanted to say thanks to the collectors here
  250. Williams and Mantle Autos, real or fake