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  16. They still think Burczyk is good ,,, oh man!!
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  19. MEARS Auctions Ends Saturday, September 29th, 2012 - Many Authenticated Autographs
  20. Too good to be true!
  21. Munson auto
  22. Some advice needed about Musial's signature
  23. Steve Grad, what the hell are you doing, Joe Orlando drop your paddleball and wake up
  24. The Rest of my unkowns: HELP!
  25. unknown on a yankees team ball
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  27. Interesting Gamble on the internet
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  30. How in the world do TPAs authenticate Manny
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  33. thenavarro & PSA
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  41. Help Identifying Signed Baseball
  42. How about this Mantle?
  43. Mantle Autograph Question
  44. My 1957 Topps Duke Maas!
  45. Ruth, Gehrig, Cobb, Young, Drew Max
  46. Please help identify 2 autographs on vintage A.L. Baseball
  47. Eddie Collins I recently picked up...
  48. Question on Jake Lamotta in person auto
  49. How many clubhouse signatures?
  50. Bogus Wagners?
  51. Anyone heard of Autograph Reference??
  52. Ebay or Auction
  53. Frank P. Garo
  54. Help With Elvis Presley Auto (Ghost Signers)
  55. Pete Rose/Johnny Bench Autographs
  56. Possibly The BEST LOA Ever! (Not A Bogus LOA Post, I Promise)
  57. Thoughts on Ford/Spahn/Turley sigs?
  58. The latest autograph scam
  59. Purchasing autos on other baseballs
  60. The Hilton Sisters Autographs..Not Sports But
  61. Help identifying Golfer signatures
  62. Autograph ID help: Johnny Pesky and ?
  63. Gehrig gpc
  64. 1969 Topps Roberto Clemente Signed Autograph Card PSA/DNA slabbed WOW! Very Rare
  65. Bruce Smith Autograph on a 55 Topps All Amer Card auto real or not? help!!
  66. Good resources for estate sales?
  67. (2) Roberto Clemente Autograph 1963 & 1969 Topps cards PSA/DNA slabbed...need to sale
  68. Another clueless auction house
  69. Opininon on Gehringer, Doerr, & Appling
  70. My daughter and I met the 2012/2013 Dallas Mavericks today, pics and graphs enclosed
  71. For sale Topps Paul Hornung autograph rookie card HOF PSA/DNA SLABBED.
  72. For sale (2) 1987 Topps Walter Payton Autograph cards from 1992 Suntimes Show signing
  73. JSA exemplars
  74. for sale items in autograph section
  75. College Football Autograph Collectors?
  76. Signings in the WI/IL area
  77. psa/jsa ty cobb controversy on HOS
  78. Eddie Plank Letter
  79. Ruth Autograph Traced Over Baseball
  80. Mickey Mantle Autograph Help
  81. Coaches Corner
  82. Signed by Rocky Marciano or an elaborate hoax?
  83. Greatest Collection Ever
  84. Old Balls and fading signatures?
  85. The Wee Willie Keeler Letters
  86. Check this Joe Jackson auto out
  87. KUDOS To Capo Auction
  88. Some Value Help with A Couple of Tough Boxing Items
  89. Do these look good?
  90. NEW MEMBER building HOF auto collection (NOW 206/300)
  91. We can help put the bad guys in prison
  92. What is this?
  93. Ted Williams Sport Coat
  94. How the TPA System Works Once and For All
  95. Dimaggio HOF postcard - Heritage Auction
  96. Need help with Koufax
  97. I received a phone call from x&%$#@! in Arizona
  98. How do I "hunt" for memorabilia?
  99. 1955 Topps Ted Williams #2 PSA Slabbed?
  100. Thoughts on "AutographFacts"?
  101. Who was James Grant MacAlister?
  102. Mickey Mantle Bat
  103. Ruth/Gehrig Help, Thoughts, Ideas for research
  104. Lot #4 in Goldin Auctions Rocky Marciano gloves have been PULLED. READ
  105. Anyone with a circa 1954 Hank Aaron autograph
  106. Is this Whitey Witt's signature?
  107. H & B Roger Maris Bat
  108. Sandy Koufax Vintage Signed Baseball And Tiger Woods Golf Bal Real Or Fake?
  109. Marsans or Sockalexis autos?
  110. Early Whitey Ford autos.
  111. Slightly OT Supreme court auto
  112. Twice signed Honus book in HA auction
  113. Insane signings prices at the Sun Times show
  114. Photo ID Help: 1914-15 era photos of Chicago Cubs, Sox, and Feds.
  115. Researching Search tool for multiple auctions
  116. Our most senior? board member needs some help....
  117. Al Lopez signed baseballs. Legit?
  118. Babe Ruth auto from an autograph book.
  119. Gehrig autograph prices/demand
  120. Value of a Julian Wera autograph - 1927 Yankees
  121. Mike Gutierrez cert - render your own opinion, paige, hornung, simpson, Lemieux, Mant
  122. E-bay Seller pcalhoun_123
  123. Personalization
  124. Puckett early auto
  125. 1914 White Sox Giants autograph book from ebay
  126. How to Remove Gold Paint Pen from a Glossy Photo
  127. Hall of Fame Veterans Committee List
  128. OT non sports the Boss
  129. Show your items signed to teammates/other players
  130. November Pick-Ups
  131. Questions about these Koufax autos
  132. Authentication Questions
  133. mantle
  134. Shoeless Joe Bio.?
  135. Tom Brady private signing prices - WOW!
  136. "The Glory of Their Times" by Lawrence Ritter
  137. Ruth Gehrig Signed Ball from ebay
  138. Cy Blanton (RIP 1945) - Is there any autograph baseballs of him?
  139. Ruth Gehrig Yankees Ball on ebay
  140. Ted Williams "Speed Ball" value?
  141. Autos
  142. And another Mantle...
  143. $1 million Founding Fathers autograph auction?
  144. A couple more Mantles.
  145. OT: Any Suggestions on Good Baseball Books for Gifts
  146. Babe Ruth signed bat on ebay
  147. Sad Sam Jones Autographs...Setting the Record Straight
  148. Pie Traynor 1940's Signed Ford Frick NL Baseball
  149. ISO: Jack Ryder, Reds Beatwriter for 31 years
  150. Charity auction Babe Ruth signed ball PSA/DNA, Custom Cycle etc....
  151. OT: Registering for Legendary Auction
  152. babe ruth is it real?
  153. Gehrig Autograph Help
  154. Opinions wanted re this signature
  155. Ted Taylor/TTA to Stop Authenticationg Autographs
  156. Help Needed: late '80's Magic Johnson signed shoes
  157. Al Simmons auto. help
  158. Thoughts on a Mantle....
  159. No sale
  160. Another PSA/DNA con job?
  161. JSA mess up on the title of this one
  162. Babe Ruth signature discovered on ball I was authenticating...Opinions?
  163. Opinion on Scottie Pippen Auto
  164. Wayne and Mike Stivers COA
  165. Trying to learn Earle Combs
  166. Thoughts on Chief Bender and Earle Combs..
  167. help with a michael jordan autograph
  168. Help on this Mantle
  169. Can any of you help with these 1940's debuts?
  170. This Koufax look good
  171. Happy Turkey (Stearnes) Day!
  172. Koufax?
  173. Thoughts/Help with Clemente Signature...
  174. Opinions on a Stan The Man Musial letter
  175. authenticating autographs-right on the mark
  176. Did Willie Mays wife sign his Topps contract?
  177. Remembering Hector Camacho
  178. Question for Travis and other Boxing guys
  179. Asking for opinions about a Campanella autograph.
  180. Simply Amazing - What Was This Guy Thinking?
  181. Help with this Jordan and Pippen
  182. Jim Stinson & Hurricane Sandy relief - autograph authentication
  183. Ebay listing with no return policy - "Item not as described" as a recourse?
  184. Williams Auto Help?
  185. Chief Bender Opinion (Made $20 donation)
  186. HOF autographs on ebay...real? opinions
  187. Dan Brouthers Auto - Opinions ?
  188. Removing Documents from Displays
  189. Any chance this is real?
  190. Mantle baa - opinions?
  191. koufax
  192. Mystery autograph
  193. Autograph Legends llc Florida
  194. Cheech & Chong and Babe Ruth
  195. this one makes me sick
  196. Jack Nicklaus Signed Book
  197. Dilbert Does Sports Autographs
  198. Jim Rice at Fenway
  199. Scheduling Autographs on homeowners Insurance
  200. Abner Doubleday Signed CDV
  201. December pick ups
  202. .
  203. Absolutely Nothing to do with Autographs
  204. Joe Dimaggio Feedback please
  205. Good UV ball cube for prized autograph
  206. needed: walter johnson feedback
  207. 500 home run ball feedback please
  208. Question on Buck Oneil autograph
  209. Willie Mays Conspiracy Theory
  210. Buck Marrow writes about Babe Ruth
  211. OT: Locking Mailbox
  212. Manny Ramirez with a Scoreboard Cert
  213. HOF Multi Signed Baseball Opinions
  214. RandR autographs
  215. 3 Cowboy sigs
  216. Freddy Lindstrom HOF Plaque
  217. 1941 Phillies Team Signed Ball value?
  218. Roberto Clemente Opinion
  219. Mays and Mantle auto.
  220. Graded Baseballs Vs. Non-Graded
  221. Cracking open a PSA slab?
  222. Legit eBay seller? ~ khw
  223. Willie Mays TTM Question
  224. Does anyone recognize this autograph?
  225. Mike Marshall signing
  226. Who is this broadcaster (probably)
  227. Great books for baseball autographs
  228. New to collecting autos and the forum
  229. BS
  230. Thoughts on this Koufax
  231. NY Yankees Luncheon
  232. Got burnt today
  233. mickey mantle sinle framed photo new york yankees 1954 auto graphed and a jo dimaggio
  234. Thoughts on Dimaggio
  235. hugh duffy auto value
  236. Brutal, but amusing - Ruth & Gehrig
  237. Auction House for Boxing
  238. Steiner Sale...
  239. Vintage Sugar Ray Robinson Piece... Value??? if any???
  240. Bad Ali
  241. Autographs you can't authenticate
  242. Opinions on Signed Balls? - Mantle, Williams, Aaron, Jackson, Schmidt, Maris
  243. Babe Ruth Cut Signature
  244. Ruth signed ball, video proof
  245. Thoughts on this item/seller
  246. How much is half an autograph worth?
  247. Newbie questions: Signed balls: 1930 A's, unknown sig c. 1975
  248. Autograph magazine
  249. post '95 ali sig?
  250. Can I have some advice on this Mantle (solved)