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  1. Your opinion on the autographs
  2. Look at the beauties I was just offered
  3. Who is this 1949 Phillie?
  4. Getting Auction LOAs upgraded to full cert - I know its been discussed before
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  11. Jackie Robinson Autograph
  12. Toughest 1940's & 1950's Baseball Autographs
  13. Mantle auto
  14. Marquard thoughts??
  15. Elmer Gedeon & Bob Neighbors Cut Autographs from JSA! Killed in WWII & Korean War
  16. Christy Mathewson's signed edition of Won in the Ninth?
  17. Situational differences in signatures?
  18. Cobb ball. LOVELY
  19. PSA/DNA Set Registry
  20. Hey National VIPs, Want to trade auto tix for promo cards?
  21. Look at this amazing Ruth, Jackie, Mantle ball!
  22. Mantle 52 Topps Auto
  23. Autograph Id Help Please
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  25. Stan Musial...Interesting find on eBay...
  26. Let`s Play the Tipping Point Game: Awesome vintage prizes guaranteed!
  27. COA Wars- hypothetical questin
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  30. babe ruth autograph
  31. 1936 Yankees...
  32. Teddy Ballgame Autograph Help
  33. Joe D, Ted & Mick.. Need help
  34. Legendary preview
  35. Auto Authentication question
  36. Thoughts on this Joe Dimaggio ball?
  37. Beatles, 3 stooges
  38. I think I just completed the oldest signed Baseball card team set of the 20th century
  39. Joe DiMaggio Autograph IN-PERSON 1941
  40. Vintage Football Autograph Question
  41. 1972 Mets Team Signed Ball - Opinions on Mays Sig?
  42. Ruth Signed ball, funny
  43. FYI: New COA I've run across
  44. Ridiculous Ted Williams Joe DiMaggio Forgeries
  45. Campanella Salvino....
  46. An amazing 1951 Ryder Cup menu
  47. Did I get a good deal on this Schoolboy Roe signed baseball?
  48. PSA/DNA sealed ball question
  49. Joe Dimaggio---Mickey Mantle Auto Balls Good or Bad
  50. Negro League Indianapolis Clowns Signed Hat...
  51. drysdale opinion...
  52. Authentication at the National
  53. Timeless Autograph Auctions
  54. Baseball w/ Brooklyn Dodger Autographs
  55. Looking for an example of Cinci Reds Peter Schneiders Signature
  56. Wilt the Stilt Chamberlain with a known COA
  57. Hey, for a Grand, take a chance?
  58. Is this Brooklyn Dodgers Team Baseball Real? How much should I pay?
  59. Don Newcombe, Ken Lehman and Bob Lillis
  60. I Read the News Today Oh Boy
  61. Eddie Waitkus "The Natural" Interesting Autograph
  62. Dick Tettelbach Yankee Help...
  63. Dan Lynch (Down to 2 Autos for my 1946 to present collection)
  64. Babe Ruth Autographed Bat Coach's Corner Gary Cooper
  65. PAAS Authenticity
  66. Need Educated on Sam Jones please
  67. Pete Rose Jersey
  68. Psa pre-certified ball. Opinions?
  69. Red Sox Baseball-Ted Williams-Good or Secretary
  70. Mantle Ball
  71. Sort of Ethical Question Re Baseball Signed W-2 Forms
  72. Unknown 3x5 Autograph ID Help? Baseball & Football Most Likely
  73. Yet Another Mickey Mantle "Is It Real" Show and Tell
  74. Under valued (or underappreciated autographs)
  75. Speaking of Mick...
  76. WTB-tony conigliaro autograph
  77. Ted Williams Autograph Authentication Help
  78. Getting Baseball hat signed Wednesday, what Pen?
  79. Best Balls Under 60.00?
  80. Barry Larkin signed HOF Plaques
  81. Legendary Auctions ???? Question
  82. foxx
  83. A Great Opportunity....
  84. Who is really buying this stuff? (not a thread about bogus stuff)
  85. OMG! You will love this one
  86. I bought a Dazzy Vance Signed Baseball on Ebay for $1500 how did I do?
  87. Beware of this ball
  88. Don Drysdale Help
  89. Max Schmeling Autographed photo. Value?
  90. Hank Aaron Help
  91. August Autograph Pickups
  92. Anyone...Quick look at a Snider bat...
  93. 'Nuf Ced McGreevey autograph?
  94. Maybe he can find me a Gehrig and Cobb in his basement
  95. BABE RUTH Replica ball ????? Say What ???
  96. My 2012 Texas Rangers Big Glove project
  97. 1941 College Football All Stars Autographs w/ Jack Robinson
  98. Liberace
  99. Why is no one bidding on this Mantle auto on Heritage?
  100. 1930s Vintage Signed 16 x 20 Photos Value
  101. Vin Scully
  102. Jeter Autograph Help
  103. Where's everybody's pickups from 2012 National?
  104. Williams -My Favorite Players
  105. A couple of "beauties" that did not go cheaply
  106. PSA/DNA Price Guide
  107. Blue Jays 2003 Autographed bat help
  108. Terrible Jackie Robinson sold on eBay...
  109. Bad Seller: Fakes! Fakes! Fakes!
  110. Vintage tennis signatures: William Tilden
  111. Seemingly enhanced/altered Harry Truman signed baseball featured on haulsofshame.com
  112. Wildfire in Oklahoma
  113. Bummer - fake Duane Wade auto promo giveaway
  114. The Fake Ted Williams Nightmare
  115. Babe Ruth Autograph-Sketchy JSA Cert
  116. Autograph Magazine Live
  117. 1964 Hall of fame Game
  118. Personalized Mantle autographed Ball
  119. $50.00 Reward Who is In this Photo ?
  120. Rich Altman's Hollywood Collectibles
  121. 18th Annual PCL reunion
  122. Koufax?
  123. AACS now selling Burczyk autos!
  124. 1930's Debut Year Baseball Autographs, MOST RARE
  125. Score Board COA-Manny Ramirez Ball
  126. STAMP of approval for jsa, psa? what's going on?
  127. Might be interesting
  128. authentication of golf ball autographs
  129. Help with Mantle autograph
  130. former ebay head Gonzalez purported said psa and jsa suck according to post.
  131. Need some help locating Joe Dawson signature
  132. Could use some help on identifying autos
  133. PSA stickers on balls frustration
  134. Arthur Hardy signed letter
  135. Info about Bill Zekus collection ???
  136. Mantle with a ScoreBoard Cert
  137. Does anyone have an autograph of this guy?
  138. The evolution of autograph collecting from my perspective.
  139. Going to Meet Carl Erskine Tomorrow and have a question...
  140. Relentless Negativity
  141. Need Help on What Forum to Use...
  142. Possible fakes in my collection
  143. New Rival for Ebay??
  144. Fakes on Ebay? Who hasn't been fooled. Opinion on these two please
  145. ted williams--inverted "m"
  146. Lets See Your Dodger Autographs
  147. Need help - Kevin Keating Re: eBay
  148. Slabbed Photos - Market Research
  149. Here's an interesting one
  150. Perfect Game Pitchers Collections
  151. Lute Boone autograph
  152. Pretty Cool Mantle and DiMaggio Items
  153. This a real Pujols
  154. Autograph value
  155. Are ANY of these legit?
  156. Brooklyn dodger signed memorabilia
  157. Willie & Hank Booted of Ebay.
  158. Does anyone know where I can find some Brooklyn Dodgers signed memorabilia?
  159. Why Autographs?
  160. The ball being auctioned doesn't even match the ball pictured on the LOA
  161. dealing with shops and resellers
  162. Signed Ball Unk. Signature
  163. Breaking news: Neil Armstrong has passed...
  164. Gai says it's good. Therefore it is!
  165. Help /w wide range of autos (Ryan, Ripken, Koufax?, etc)
  166. PSA/DNA On Site Authentication
  167. Sellers who guarantee an item to pass but won't refund authentication fees
  168. ShoelessJoe signed Book on Pawn Stars
  169. c'mon JSA, really?
  170. George Wright
  171. Babe Ruth Autograph Check Cut Help Please
  172. help with this team ball i picked up
  173. What Is The Autograph Card Holy Grail
  174. Help with a mystery auto
  175. Legendary Auction 8/29-8/30
  176. Babe Ruth Autographed
  177. jake daubert auto?
  178. Bill Hongach Signed Photos?
  179. Jackie Robinson / Satchel Paige Auto Opinions
  180. Anyone want to help with these Forgeries?
  181. Dual Postmark Autographs
  182. thoughts on a koufax
  183. Thoughts on this Kobe Bryant Signature
  184. September Autograph Pickups
  185. A's Orioles ball?
  186. A funny piece in today's NY Times
  187. good display cases for signed baseballs
  188. NY Times-Fraud in the online art market and it mirrors our problems in autogs.
  189. Veeck
  190. Benny Friedman Footballer Autograph question
  191. Another Jim Stinson thread
  192. TTM success thread
  193. Anyone win lot # 792 (Trailblazer autographs) in Legendary's Auction last week?
  194. JSA turnaround time
  195. James J. Jeffries & Jack Dempsey Autos - Are These Real?
  196. Mantle & DiMaggio
  197. One day i'll learn....
  198. Looking For Franz Klammer signed Sports Illus.
  199. Mystery Autos
  200. help with another auto
  201. Al Kaline question
  202. Richie Ashburn help...
  203. My 2 Mays
  204. What is the toughest baseball HOF autograph to obtain?
  205. coa from collectors exchange network?
  206. How many horrible forgeries do you see on this Rangers "team ball"
  207. I Need Help Identifying a Few Autographs Please
  208. Help with some autos on a negro league ball
  209. My Joe Ds
  210. OT: Illinois War Council Award
  211. Fix for Lazy Auction Hunters
  212. Any hope of this being legit?
  213. How are you doing on your hobby-related New Years resolutions?
  214. Gehrig auto'd pic on Craigslist MKE
  215. Ned Hanlon Autograph?
  216. Question about an Williams item on Hunt Auction
  217. Thoughts On Averill Autograph
  218. Coach's Corner Ruth / Gehrig Autographs PSA/DNA
  219. Ruth ball for 105,000 and they still want shipping?
  220. Post pictures of the most illegible baseball autographs from 1990 and earlier
  221. Fake Babe Ruth checks out there?
  222. Just wanted to make sure on this Mantle
  223. Help with a Dream Team 1 Signed ball
  224. Cornelius McGillicuddy signed bank doc
  225. Joe Dimaggio and Roger Maris Baseball help
  226. Stupid collectors
  227. any chance you bought a 1930 PCl 8x10 signed by Joe Cascarella from me?
  228. last known autographs?
  229. QUESTION on Autograph BST?
  230. HOF Postcard Thoughts and Observations...
  231. Cal Ripken Fake or Real?
  232. Cutting up a multi-signed HOF item for individual resale: sinful or savvy?
  233. What is your favorite autograph medium?
  234. Auto Opinion on Dave Winfield HOF Postcard
  235. Autopen Autographs now openly sold on ebay
  236. Autopen Autographs now openly sold on ebay
  237. Woo Hoo, Drew! Babe Ruth
  238. Where do I send checks to be graded?
  239. TTM Advice: Personalizations
  240. Yale Sports Photo's
  241. Check This JSA Ruth
  242. OT Question about getting the President in person
  243. Autograph On Ball
  244. Can anyone explain this TTM return???
  245. FORGERY ALERT: Joe D bat on EBAY
  246. Fake
  247. Greg Hodges - 1980's/90's autograph dealer
  248. Harold Lefty Phillips?
  249. Last Hope: Can anyone identify these??
  250. 1947 Brooklyn Dodgers autographed ball