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  1. are these dimaggio and mantle at auction good?
  2. PSA/DNA and boxing just don't mix.
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  5. 1969 Celebrity Golf Program
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  7. Craigslist
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  9. Babe Ruth Sig
  10. Mantle auto ID
  11. "Long Tom" Hughes and "Salida Tom" Hughes Autograph Scan Request
  12. Difference in Puckett Prices
  13. The only Magic here
  14. So did Gehrig or his wife sign this one
  15. Florida Pawn Shop
  16. Thoughts on Jimme Foxx....
  17. high price for ruth/cobb signed photo in lelands
  18. How to start an autograph authentication company
  19. Thoughts on vintage musial picture
  20. Mantle & DiMaggio hat -opinions please?
  21. I'm confused about this Mantle autograph.
  22. Lou Gehrig Autograph
  23. 141 Muhammad Ali autographs by psa, your world experts!
  24. Favorite Acquisition of 2012?
  25. ID Help on Autographed bat
  26. TTM newbie question
  27. Mantle opinion please
  28. 1930s Autograph Identification Assistance
  29. Check out this Mantle beauty on the bay
  30. My Arnie Herber Mystery
  31. Mantle sig opinion
  32. Mantle Jersey
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  34. Steiner means it's real??
  35. Honus Wagner
  36. Hockey Cut Signature Mess
  37. Southside Sports Memorabilia
  38. NBA auto??
  39. Koufax Appearances?
  40. Ted Williams autograph???
  41. Proof people knowingly buy forgeries
  42. Just another Mantle auto question .....
  43. Request for Patsy Dougherty and Ed Phelps Autograph Examples
  44. Need help identifying an autograph.
  45. Who is this??
  46. Tracking a PSA Certified Item
  47. Anyone live around Lexington/Richmond KY?
  48. Do you like these reprint autographs?
  49. I Bought Myself the new Ron Keurajian Autograph book for myself and ?
  50. Opinions on this Pee Wee Reese
  51. Mantle Ball Help please
  52. Early Ted Williams Signature....???
  53. I can't help it.
  54. Mickey Mantle + Bobby Brown On same ball value?
  55. Drew Max is a buffoon
  56. January Pick Ups
  57. DiMaggio brothers true or fake
  58. Is this scan big enough...
  59. Simple help on Willie Mays Auto, real or fugazi?
  60. Question about an authentication company
  61. So if I start a Cy Young Collection...
  62. Speaker Autograph Question
  63. Yankees Lot- Munsen Help Please
  64. Drew Max is back...or he never left....
  65. Help requested - Babe Ruth Xmas card
  66. Has anyone bought from Autographs, Collectibles, Etc inc from Worcester MA?
  67. Autographs as an investment
  68. HOF Ballot
  69. Munson
  70. Is my Babe Ruth fake?
  71. Is this Comiskey auto a secretarial?
  72. Koufax help please
  73. Cheap Ruth on Ebay if u want
  74. Jackie Robinson and Sandy Koufax, real or not?
  75. Am I torturing myself?
  76. Aaron and Mays Help
  77. DiMaggio brothers all three
  78. Satchel Paige Single Signed Baseball Real Or Fake?
  79. Jimmy Collins autograph in upcoming Huggins & Scott Auction
  80. Genuine Babe Ruth Autographs
  81. Jimmie Foxx
  82. Mantle opinion please
  83. Just really upset
  84. Do you plan on attending The National and are willing to help a fellow collector?
  85. Banks and Kaline Opinions
  86. Koufax Signing Agreement?
  87. Just bought a Ted Williams Autograph
  88. New member,opinion on Paige
  89. One of the worst PSA/DNA authenticated Aaron balls?
  90. General question about Ted Williams autographs
  91. Anybody familiar with Sportsgraphs - circa 1940's-50's
  92. Would like opinions on pitching rubber
  93. Ginger Beaumont exemplars
  94. Mays/Mantle/Snider Auto's on Ron Lewis Litho
  95. Brooklyn Dodgers 1951 Home Coming
  96. Ron Keurajian's Book - Issues/Disagreements?
  97. Babe Ruth ball
  98. My turn to ask about a Mantle Ball please
  99. I want to see YOUR autograph
  100. chic harley auto?
  101. Would you mind tendering your opinions on Aaron, Williams, DiMaggio and Mantle balls?
  102. Where can/do we report "fake autograph" sellers?
  103. Baseball Trivia question of the Month
  104. Not your average "is this real?" Mantle thread
  105. Why this high of a price???
  106. "Art of Music" thread....a pictural
  107. RIP Earl Weaver
  108. Anyone real familiar with Karl Spooner sig?
  109. How to Protect Canvas Signatures?
  110. Hof deaths
  111. Post your Musials in honor of The Man
  112. RIP Stan the Man post your Musial items
  113. Mel Ott, Joe Medwick, Van Mungo Signed Baseball
  114. Don't be shy, say what you feel Ron Keurajian :)
  115. Thoughts on these autos
  116. Neat autograph "Find" by a friend of mine
  117. Share your unusual tips/tricks for analyzing an autograph for authenticity
  118. Ruth/Robinson Opinion
  119. Are There Examples of Eddie Grant's Autograph?
  120. Rip Collins and Clemente autographs.
  121. Proof people buy forgeries part 2
  122. Gfa......stay away
  123. Ted Williams Secretrial Signatures
  124. 1963 Cleveland Indians Auto help requested
  125. dimaggio(?) from leland
  126. Golfers TTM
  127. Wally Pipp
  128. Another Mantle... plus an intro
  129. Ammusing comment from an autograph signee.
  130. OT-if you are gonna go......
  131. Need Help Authenticating 1930s Autograph Book
  132. Legit Koufax?
  133. Tim Keefe "auto"
  134. Just a Horrible Musial Bat...
  135. Need help identifying a signature
  136. Nellie Fox and LBJ??? Autos???
  137. 1948 leaf Billy Conn auto
  138. Answering specific autograph authenticity questions and help
  139. Can anyone identify these chicken scratches?
  140. Need help on this Ali
  141. Help selling a collection
  142. WTB 1955 topps hodges and J Robinson autos, also 52 topps autos
  143. New O'Keeffe story in NY Daily News that sounds strange
  144. Is This Babe Ruth Signature Authentic?
  145. Auto Price Question
  146. How does the seller consider these 5 or 6's?
  147. SGC is now authenticating autographs
  148. Huggins and Scott's February Auction Now Open for Bidding
  149. Babe Ruth Question...
  150. a.g. spaulding auto ebay
  151. Mickey Mantle Auto
  152. How about another Mantle Auto Question?
  153. The art of a Branch Rickey deal (Jim Stinson please)
  154. Hit a Grand Slam Last Night
  155. Signature ID help: 1959 Giants team ball
  156. Newbie with a jersey auto question
  157. Babe Ruth that makes no sense
  158. Nile Kinnick Hawkeye team Auto Football found
  159. Vintage signed bowling pamphlet
  160. Opinions On These
  161. Steve Rocchi
  162. How is this for Authentication?
  163. Minnie Minoso....documenting time and place
  164. Malware from my email
  165. Help with a couple of Mantle autographs please
  166. Autograph Index Cards and Cuts
  167. Michael Jordan authenticity
  168. Sandy Koufax framed autograph photo
  169. Brooklyn Dodgers Autographed 8x10 photos All PSA Authenticated
  170. Sandy Koufax and Don Drysdale Dual Signed Baseball W/C.O.A.
  171. Willie Mays and Willie MCcovey dual signed baseball
  172. Brooklyn Dodger single signed baseballs w/C.O.A. List #1
  173. Brooklyn Dodger single signed baseballs w/C.O.A. list #2
  174. Anyone have any Brooklyn Dodger stuff for Sale?
  175. Kaline Opinions
  176. Autographed Legends
  177. February Pickups..
  178. I would like your opinion on a couple of Mike Schmidt autographs.
  179. I have my doubts about this Maris auto...
  180. Signed Joe Dimaggio snapshot
  181. Roberto Clemente Opinion
  182. Harry Stovey opinion
  183. Please sign Mr Jeter - NY Times article about collecting Jeter in Fla
  184. Max Carey - 1931 check opinions?
  185. Devon White 2013 appearance?
  186. Gary Carter Auto Thoughts?
  187. best site for signings scheduled
  188. Need advice Michael Jordan UD auto basketball
  189. SGC authenticators
  190. The Yankee Clipper and Teddy Ballagame -- fact or fiction?
  191. KSA giving SGC a run for its money on Authentication!
  192. General historical pens and inks question
  193. The Glory of Their Times Royalty Checks
  194. 1954 Brooklyn ball -- clubhouse sigs??
  195. Are these clubhouse sigs?
  196. Ebay never ceases to amaze me
  197. Against my better judgement, I'm finally sending this out into the wild
  198. Buying a Scoreboard Koufax ball and would love an opinion on it
  199. What do you think of this Heritage offering?
  200. Newbie needs opinion on Koufax
  201. Never seen this LOA before
  202. Forgeries not just limited to baseball
  203. Teddy Ballgame 1949
  204. Pre-Cut Matting...
  205. A little help with Paige, Dimaggio etc...
  206. Ebay Signed glove 13x Hall of Famers
  207. Questions on gold HOF plaque postcards
  208. 1950's signed cards
  209. Cy Young Auto...Legit?
  210. It's finally complete!!
  211. Heritage Hypocrisy
  212. Rube Ehrhardt Letter
  213. Can I please get an opinion on this Muhammad Ali autograph on boxing trunks
  214. Really bad Jordan auto
  215. Delete
  216. People In Glass Houses.....
  217. CC now grading and encapsulating cards
  218. buying a Koufax for a friend and want to make sure it is a good one.
  219. Opinions on Hodges
  220. '38 Yankees ball
  221. Help with Joe D.
  222. Vintage golf experts, please help
  223. Thoughts on this Ruth signed baseball auction lot
  224. Mickey Mantle Signature REAL or FAKE?
  225. C'mon...Guy selling Steiner COA's on the bay..
  226. Information Request
  227. An auction fraud STOPPED before it began luckily
  228. Good or bad? Mantle
  229. babe ruth & Lou gehrig dual auto help
  230. Auto ID help on 1979/1970 Pirates ball
  231. Hockey Signature Help
  232. A few current, board operational issues
  233. one more opinion on a Koufax ball
  234. Delahanty!
  235. Hilton Smith Help
  236. Ghost signed Joe D?
  237. Request: Lou Gehrig signature example
  238. Early SAMMY SOSA Autograph? Need Help
  239. cap anson auto
  240. Net54Baseball Dinner at the 2013 National
  241. How I do TTM
  242. Ruth?
  243. Another responsible auctioneer
  244. Ebay, please end this
  245. Great Write-Up on Operation Bullpen..
  246. March Pick Ups
  247. Ty Cobb Autograph...
  248. ebayer AASTAMPS
  249. Rube Foster
  250. MEARS Auction Ending Today 3/2/2013