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  1. WTTF 1953-55 Nabisco
  2. 1887 Allen and Ginter Jack Dempsey
  3. Georges Carpentier Vs Jack Dempsey Official Program Championship July 2 1921 boxing
  4. 1985 Brown's Boxing 35 Card Set
  5. 1996-99 Japan World Boxing Magazine Cards - Singles available for sale
  6. Boxing Memorabilia Auctions End Tonight, February 21st & Wednesday Feb. 22nd on Ebay
  7. Boxing H-o-F referee Ruby Goldstein autographed book--
  8. Boxing H-o-F referee Ruby Goldstein autographed book--
  9. Signed Boxing Magazines & Programs Ending Tonight February 27th on Ebay - 25 Lots
  10. FS: PSA graded boxing cards 1960s - 1990s Panini - Ali, Dempsey, Liston, Louis, etc
  11. Olin vs Lewis 1935 Championship TIcket
  12. Wtb t218 jack johnson side
  13. 1910 T229 Kopec Jack Johnson
  14. Boxing Posters, Fight Gear, Cards and More ending March 16th-22nd on Ebay TYSON, ALI+
  15. Triple G
  16. FS 1979 Panarizon Muhammad Ali PSA 8 PENDING
  17. 1974 Ali-Frazier Madison Square Garden ticket stub Value/Gradeable?
  18. Photographic Old Judges
  19. V137 Willards for sale....
  20. 1960 cassius clay hemmets psa 8 2016 sales history ?
  21. Boxing Programs, Passes, Tickets ++ Ending Tonight April 2nd to 5th on Ebay - 40 Lots
  22. My boxing card store
  23. Boxing Tickets, Licenses + (1960s-2010s) Ending Tonight April 10th and 11th on Ebay
  24. FOR SALE Black Dynamite Volume 2-5 Nat Fleischer
  25. Boxing Autographs, Photos+ (1920s-2000s) Ending Tonight April 14th and 16th on Ebay
  26. Vintage Boxing Photos (1930s-80s) Ending This Week on Ebay April 20th to 22nd
  27. Jack Dempsy post card
  28. Boxing Posters, Autographs, Cards ++ Ending Tonight, April 25th to 30th on Ebay
  29. T227 Boxing 1 of 1s - Attell, Wolgast, Coulan
  30. Boxing Vintage Photos & Cards Ending Tonight May 1st to May 7th on Ebay - 47 Lots
  31. Boxing ID of Auto needed please...
  32. 1982 Wrestling All Stars
  33. Ginormous Chickering Boxing Cabinet Card
  34. Rare Muhammad Ali On-Site Boxing Tickets
  35. Boxing Autographs & Programs Ends May 11th & 14th on Ebay - MIKE TYSON, BERRY GORDY++
  36. Show Your Boxing/Wrestling Figurines, Statues, Models, Decanters,...
  37. Boxing Auctions Ending Tonight, Tuesday May 16th to May 21st on Ebay - 70+ Lots
  38. Zuma - Man of Mars
  39. Some nice pickups today..........T218 and T220
  40. Dan Hodge Sports Illustrated
  41. WTB 1998 Culture House Alexander Karelin
  42. Boxing Memorabilia 1890s-1990s Ends Tuesday May 23rd to May 28th on Ebay - 60 Lots
  43. PWCC Boxing Prices
  44. Help ID 2007 Boxing Card
  45. Boxing Posters, Publications + (1920s-90s) Ends Tonight, May 31st to June 5th on Ebay
  46. T225 Prizefighters Boxing Card Question
  47. Boxing & Wrestling Programs & Publications (1930s-2000s) ending June 7th-13th on Ebay
  48. Just purchased Adam's book and now...
  49. Cuban boxing cards
  50. Cool Article on Rocky Marciano & Brockton, MA
  51. Info needed Dan Hodge
  52. WTB: T219 Miner's Extra
  53. WTB George Foreman
  54. Vintage Boxing Posters (1971-2008) Ends Sunday June 25th & Tuesday June 27th on Ebay
  55. Boxing Autographs & Cards Ending Sunday July 2nd through Thursday July 6th on Ebay
  56. Floyd Mayweather Autographs Coming Topps 2017
  57. Pacquiao / Horn Decision
  58. Boxing Programs and More (1925-1990) Ending Sunday July 9th, 2017 on Ebay
  59. 1908 Ogden Abe Attell
  60. Joe Louis fan (1935 Brown & Bigelow?)
  61. U.K.boxing info
  62. Can Anyone ID This Issue?
  63. 1980s-90s Boxing Photographs ending July 18th to 23rd on Ebay - Champs & Clubfighters
  64. Boxing At The National?
  65. WTB T227 Zybszko - Wrestler
  66. Nice Jack Dempsey Signed Postcard for Trade
  67. Should I get these Cassius Clay/Ali cards graded?
  68. Boxing Memorabilia 1930s-90s Ends July 27th to August 2nd on Ebay - Photos, Programs+
  69. Opinions on the "GOAT" (Boxing)
  70. FS - Rocky Marciano autographed "Fights" Promo & RC card
  71. Higher End Boxing Programs, Tickets & More ends Tonight, Sunday August 6th & Aug. 8th
  72. Listed on eBay: 10 different graded T219 HLC's - PSA 3-4.5, plus T225 Ketchel
  73. WTB Sugar Ray Robinson Leaf or Ringside
  74. Boxing Exhibits for trade
  75. FS 1975 Sprengel Huberty Ali (with Frazier)
  76. Boxing Photos 1980s-90s ends August 13th-16th on Ebay - CHAMPIONS & CLUBFIGHTERS
  77. FS Thomson Hornet Cassius Clay BGS 6 tough early card
  78. Heads up on Ebay "Boxing" Searches
  79. WTB Mayweather rookie
  80. FS: T218 PSA - very nice
  81. Jack Dempsey auto 1946
  82. SLABBED Max Schmeling & Joe Jacobs signed photo!
  83. Anybody know much about the T220 Silvers or love this set?
  84. 1920s Boxing Blade Oversized Publications Ending Tonight August 22nd on Ebay + more
  85. Post Your Mysteries
  86. Vintage Boxing Photos 1920s-90s Ending Tonight, August 27th to September 1st on Ebay
  87. High Grade T218 Results on eBay; Some Pretty Strong Results
  88. Can anyone ID this boxer?
  89. FS 2001 Story of America Gardner and Karelin
  90. WTB: 1960 Hemmets Journel - CASSIUS CLAY PSA 6 or 7
  91. 1970's Boxing Programs and Modern Card Sets on Ebay starts ending Tonight Sept. 5th
  92. Looking for help on Boxing autos......
  93. Boxing Memorabilia ends Tonight Sept. 19th to Sept. 25th on Ebay - Tickets, Photos ++
  94. RIP Jake LaMotta
  95. Boxing programs and tickets FS
  96. Question about a wrestling book
  97. Short boxing wantlist
  98. A few wrestling card questions (Carnation and Parkhurst)
  99. Boxing Memorabilia ends Tonight Sept. 28th to Oct. 3rd on Ebay: ALI, VINTAGE POSTERS+
  100. Spanish 1942 Joe Louis card
  101. looking for couple early boxing cards
  102. N269 Lorillard Boxing
  103. WTB Ringside Boxing
  104. Boxing Ending Tonight, Thursday October 5th - Tom Sayers, Jim Hall, Peter Maher+++
  105. t218 Champions- dupes to swap?
  106. Two Champs.... Hearns & Douglas
  107. Question about 1955 Parkhurst Wrestling
  108. Boxing Memorabilia (1910s-2000s) Ends October 24th to 29th on Ebay - AUTOS, FLYERS+
  109. Help with boxing photos?
  110. Boxing Memorabilia 1920s-90s Ends November 2nd to November 8th on Ebay - MUHAMMAD ALI
  111. Cancel
  112. Cancelled Post
  113. PRICES REDUCED! Johnson v Jeffries 1st Gen Dana Photos 4 x 6 on Ebay and More
  114. Exhibit Wrestling cards
  115. FS: Romeo Y Julieta Black Border Raw Singles
  116. FS: Vintage Boxing Sets, Singles Leaf Ringside Mayo Red Sun T220 T219 Lasalle Hats ++
  117. FS: 1982 & 1983 Wrestlings All Stars-PSA
  118. Open For Bidding: Love of the Game Auctions Fall Premier and Ringside Auction
  119. Framed Police Gazette Supplements Johnson, Jeffries, Fitzsimmons, Choinsky and Maher
  120. Boxing Posters, Programs+ 1930s-90s Ending Sunday November 12th & 16th on Ebay
  121. McSorley's in New York
  122. T227z On Ebay
  123. Some higher end BOXING PROGRAMS & MORE ends on Ebay Nov. 19th & 22nd CLAY vs LISTON I
  124. Closing Tonight - Love of the Game Ringside Boxing Auction
  125. Boxing Programs, Pinbacks+ (1920s-90s) ending Tonight November 26th & 28th on Ebay
  126. LOTG Wins?
  127. 1952 tv boxing magazine
  128. july 1951 wrestling magazine and may 1952
  129. Unidentified 19th century boxing card
  130. 1890s-1910s Boxing M128 Police Gazette Supplements Ending December 2nd to 5th on Ebay
  131. IBHOF Class of 2018
  132. Boxing Memorabilia 1880s to Present Ends December 10th to December 15th, 2017 on Ebay
  133. N310 Sullivan and T218 Johnson SGC Cards Listed on eBay
  134. I guess we have a market decision on Ali's RC
  135. 2017 Highlights/2018 Goals?
  136. John L. Sullivan Cabinet Card
  137. T218 Orange Background misprint - well, mostly Orange
  138. FS: 2 1893 N266 Boxing cards - SGC graded (30 and 20)
  139. Opinions on the “GOAT” Pro Wrestling
  140. Waldemar Schmidt letter Referee - Foreman/Young
  141. Attell?
  142. delete, found
  143. 1938 Churchman Boxing FAKES?
  144. Boxing Programs+ Ending Tonight, Jan. 3rd on Ebay: Schmeling vs Louis, Ali vs Frazier
  145. Boxing Autographs/Programs++ Ends Tonight, January 6th to January 12th on Ebay
  146. 1920 Romeo y Julieta Sullivan/Kilrain For Sale
  147. 1889 N150 Honest Long Cut John L. Sullivan For Sale
  148. Question about boxing Exhibits
  149. Boxing Auto help please....
  150. 1980s-90s Japanese Boxing Card Premiums Ends January 14th, 2018 on Ebay - 46 Lots
  151. Can anyone identify if My Muhammad Ali autos are real?
  152. WTB leaf willie pep
  153. Boxing Posters Ending Wednesday Night January 24th, 2018 on Ebay
  154. Any Wrestling belts ever come up for auction?
  155. Struttin' & Cuttin'
  156. Boxing Programs & Photos Ending Tonight January 29th & 31st on Ebay - MARVIN HAGLER++
  157. Nice pick up
  158. Allen and Ginter Boxing - 2nd series
  159. Duran RC
  160. Joe Louis Memorabilia
  161. Signed Boxing Photos Ends Feb. 9th to 11th on Ebay - CHAMPS, CONTENDERS, HOF 56 Lots
  162. Boxing Programs and Vintage Photos (1930s-90s) Ends February 14th & 16th on Ebay
  163. The curious case of 1948 Leaf
  164. Jack Johnson Memorabilia for sale Photo's, Tickets, Supplements etc.
  165. Vintage Boxing Photos/Premiums Ends Tonight February 21st to February 24th on Ebay
  166. Nice Jack Dempsey Signed Postcard for Trade
  167. Picked up a T218 Blank Back - anyone have other T218 oddities?
  168. George Dixon
  169. Boxing Programs/Photos (1920s-90s) Ending Tonight February 27th to March 4th on Ebay
  170. 1966 Ali Chuvalo program
  171. Boxing Programs (1930s-90s) Ends Tonight March 4th to March 9th on Ebay - ALI, LOUIS+
  172. why would you submit 62 of these???
  173. Boxing card ID
  174. Boxing Programs & Vintage Photos Ending Tonight, March 15th & March 17th on Ebay
  175. Ok, who got the Trinidad y Hnos Tunney?
  176. Boxing Programs/Photos Auctions Ending Tonight Thursday March 22nd & 25th on Ebay
  177. Wow! Hulk Hogan Showing Up
  178. Clay panel in LOTG
  179. PWCC Recent Closings
  180. Boxing Vintage Photos ends Tonight, Sunday April 1st Ebay - Mike Tyson, Muhammad Ali+
  181. Advice on wrestling card
  182. SOLD! Robert Fitzsimmons Signature and 1900 Police Gazette Supplement
  183. SOLD! Johnson vs Flynn Ticket Display with 2 1st Gen Photos of both w Train Ticket
  184. Cancelled
  185. scored a nice T219???
  186. 1890s Boxer ID Challenge
  187. Great Boxing Items in Steiner Spring Fever Auction
  188. The Crusher Memorabilia Wanted For South Milwaukee Museum
  189. Boxing & Wrestling Programs Ending Tonight, Sunday April 15th on Ebay
  190. T220 Tolstoi Swap?
  191. 1955 topps hocus focus archie moore
  192. Some autograph help from wrestling experts.....
  193. MEARS Boxing Mega Lot
  194. Vintage Boxing Photos 1920s-80s Ends Tonight April 29th to May 3rd on Ebay - 70+ Lots
  195. T218 Spelling errors - how rare and what backs?
  196. Boxing Programs & Photos (1920s-80s) Ending Tuesday May 8th & 9th on Ebay
  197. 2013 Giannis SP Rookie Auto
  198. Vintage Boxing Photos & Autographs (1880s-1990s) Ending May 13th to 17th on Ebay
  199. Topps ringside
  200. The Beast....Brock Lesnar...My favorite athlete!
  201. Johnson/Jeffries
  202. Boxing Programs, Tickets, Publications+ (1920s-80s) Ends Tonight, May 23rd on Ebay
  203. Boxing Vintage Memorabilia ends May 27th to 31st on Ebay - Programs, Photos, Cards
  204. Boxing JOHN L. SULLIVAN - 1890 H566 Famous Men
  205. Two Mike Tyson Movies in the works
  206. WTB Dan Gable Panini
  207. 1973 Panini George Foreman RC PSA 8
  208. Rocky Marciano vintage photos ends May 3rd-4th on Ebay - vs. Muhammad Ali, Charles ++
  209. Boxing pricing/value help for newly graded cards
  210. 1951 Berk Ross Boxing Cards
  211. E282 Oh Boy Gum Jack Dempsey Variation Discovered
  212. Joe Louis
  213. 1985 Fights of the Century Mini Stickers - Ali
  214. Boxing Memorabilia Auctions Ending June 13th on Ebay Salvador Sanchez, Mike Tyson ++
  215. Vintage Boxing Photos & Autographs (1890s-1980s) Ending June 19th & 20th on Ebay
  216. 1954 Parkhurst Wrestling to trade
  217. 1961 Quaker Oats Phiz Quiz Joe Louis
  218. How to cut the Clay from a Hemmets panel?
  219. Player and Sons Wrestling & Ju-Jitsu Cards
  220. Vintage Boxing Programs+ (1940s-80s) Ending Tuesday June 26th and 27th on Ebay
  221. Anyone know about this Gorgeous George postcard I bought?
  222. 1910 T226 Red Sun Boxing
  223. Ken Norton RC?
  224. MMA Hall of Fame Rings - Chuck Liddell & Matt Hughes
  225. Boxing Memorabilia Auctions Ending Tonight, July 15th on Ebay POSTERS, PHOTOS++
  226. Boxing Memorabilia Auctions Ends Tonight July 25th on Ebay - Tickets, Photos, Books++
  227. Program, poster or ticket?
  228. 1929 Exhibit - Real?
  229. National Roll Call
  230. Silver mittens tags
  231. Farmer Burns newsletters
  232. John L. Sullivan Day in Mass
  233. Ty Cobb the Boxer
  234. Old Judge Steve Taylor
  235. Wtb/wtt - t220
  236. High Grade John L Sullivan for Sale
  237. 1910 T218 Boxing card question
  238. Anyone interested in trading?
  239. Boxing Posters (1970s-90s) Auctions ending Tuesday September 25th on Ebay
  240. Which Exhibits are these?
  241. 1948 Leaf Boxing newspaper article
  242. N269 Poole: wow.
  243. T220 Coburn Variation (One does exist!), and Donovan background changes
  244. Buster Keaton Promotes Boxing Collecting
  245. Boxers on 1972 game card?
  246. Wrestling Card King Poppage
  247. To introduce myself (in the proper forum)
  248. Heritage November Auction
  249. 1920s Unknown Set???
  250. 1940s-60s Sugar Ray Robinson vintage photos & more ends Sunday November 4th on Ebay