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07-17-2017, 11:40 AM
This appeared over on the non-sport side, and I posted it to the front page with no response. I was thinking that maybe some boxing collector has run across these. According to the member that purchased these stamps:

"Just bought out the remaining sheets.

In total there were 42 sheets of 42 stamps per sheet for a total of 1764 stamps in the set.

Hard to believe that there is nothing on the net for a set that large.

It's hard to tell all the stars in the set as the sellers scans aren't great but I did notice BABE RUTH and JACK DEMPSEY as two athletes I could make out...hopefully there are more.

So I decided to bump this thread back to the top in the hopes that maybe some of the sports collectors could shed some light on this set.

Here's a picture.

07-18-2017, 11:16 AM
I thought you guys might like to know what the answer was. I have a follow up from the original poster Amit Benyovits:

"Hi Guys

The mystery has been solved but much more to uncover.

Once i get on a topic i get obsessed until i have all the answers.

Turns out that 1754 Film Star stamp set was released in the UK Picture Show Magazine.
The set was called Who's Who and were issued in strips of 7 alphabetically.

If they only came 7 to an issue then this massive set would have spanned some 5 plus years.

The magazine insert below is from April 1933 as it references a new movie launch that week starring Regis Toomey called Soldiers of the Storm...as you can see the stamps below are from the M range of tha alphabet making the sets release somewhere between 1930/31 to 1934/35.

That of course only holds if a) they were released 7 to a magazine and b)if they were release alphabetically in order.

That would still put the Babe Ruth stamp within his playing days.

I'm curious from you PSA and Sports guys if you think PSA would grade something like this.
Clearly there are many examples of items that were either cut off or out of things as well as magazine inserts that have been graded.

Troy pointed out a set called Seein Stars Movie Star Stamps that were issued as inserts in a Sunday Newspaper and meant to be cut out.

Anyways I'd love to know your thoughts on these stamps."

D. Bergin
07-18-2017, 01:13 PM
Very interesting. I imagine it only would have included athletes who had appeared in movies at the time.