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Old 07-17-2011, 10:30 AM
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Default T206 Wagner - What a joke

I feel bad for the sucker that will think Sports Cards Experts is a legit company and give this guy a couple hundred for this brutal looking reprint. I guarantee there's someone out there that will hope this is a real deal for $200 and buy a house with it. After writing the guy about how he's scamming people his response was.

"look I'm not trying to scam anyone. In the main description it says (reprint) and (card MIMICS the real deal). And have you ever heard of a grader called sports card experts? Why would a real Wagner be professionally destressed? You are right there are dumb people out there, but if they think this would be a real T206 wagner there not going to make it very far in life nor have the hundreds of dallars to put down on this item. That's like me selling a toy 67 mustang diecast car for 30 bucks with my foot next to the car and the buyer buys it thinking its a real drivable full size mustang. I have put more money ito this then 3 dollars and I never bought this card online. This is more of an art piece. I have put in hours on how this card looks. Yes I try to make it look like its as authentic as possible. That's what sells reprint cards . Nobody wants a reprint that doesn't look authentic looking. This is a conversation piece nothing more. Some people like to collect reprints because they can't spend the hundreds,thousands,or in this case millions on real cards. I'm not trying to fool anyone or anybody. If they think its a real Wagner shame on them. "
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Old 07-17-2011, 10:52 AM
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I understand what they guy's getting at, but that damn flip needs to say reprint or something on it...Because there are some idiots that will honestly think it's been professionally graded and authenticated.. I don't think the guy's doing anything majorly wrong, but he does need to understand that while his intentions are somewhat innocent, he's ultimately just creating an item that will eventually be used in an attempt to scam somebody. It's inevitable..

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Old 07-17-2011, 11:25 AM
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This is a novelty that really shouldn't be available in this form. I get the idea but as mentioned in the previous response the flip should indicate it's a reprint (but then the novelty part would be removed at that point). If this guy sells this card you can almost be assured of seeing other desirable card reprints in the same type of holder. If I were PSA I'd be all over this because the flip and case imitates the PSA flip/case.

Ebay shouldn't allow this because it is very deceiving. The seller indicates it's a reprint but what about the person that buys it for the wrong reason. Yes, the experienced collectors would figure this out but there's always the "not so experienced" that might get taken by this in a scam.
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