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Old 08-25-2015, 07:55 PM
tedzan tedzan is online now
Ted Zanidakis
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Default Theory regarding T206 AMERICAN BEAUTY 350 (no frame) series

The following theory regarding the AMERICAN BEAUTY 350 (no frame) series of 37 subjects is based on my long term experience hunting down these AB 350 cards; and, especially
the Nicholls (batting) card and the Stahl (glove) card. These two cards have proven to be considerably tougher to find with this AB 350 back than the other 35 guys in this group.

My theory is quite simple....American Litho. (ALC) started printing 36 subjects which included Nicholls. Simon Nicholls retired from MLB on April 25, 1910. Some months later, ALC
replaced Nicholls on their printing plate with Stahl's image. Researching the POP report data of these 37 guys with AB 350 backs results in numbers ** that support my contention.

Furthermore, our good buddy Johnny V. who has completed this AB 350 sub-set has had similar experiences collecting these cards as I have had.

I welcome any additional inputs related to this topic.

.................................................. .................................................. .................................................. ....................... Nichols (1st printing) later replaced by Stahl


__________________________________________________ __________________________________________________ _________________________________________________

AMERICAN BEAUTY 350 (no frame) checklist.....37 confirmed subjects

Bender (no trees)
Burch (fielding)
Conroy (bat)
Crawford (bat)
Doolan (bat)
Downey (bat)
Larry Doyle (bat)
Elberfeld (Washington-fielding)
Griffith (bat)
Jennings (two hands)
Johnson (pitching)
Jordan (bat)
Konetchy (glove low)
Lake (no ball)
Leifield (bat)
Magee (bat)
Manning (pitching)
McQuillan (bat)
Mullin (bat)

Murphy (bat)
Nichols (bat)
Overall (yellow sky)
Pelty (vertical)
Pfeister (throwing)
Reulbach (no glove)
Rucker (throwing)
Seymour (throwing)
Stahl (glove)
Steinfeldt (bat)
Street (catching)
Sweeney (fielding)
Wagner (bat on right)
Wilhelm (bat)
Willis (bat)
Wiltse (pitching)

** Note
While I realize POP report data cannot be considered as absolute, I think it's fair to say that the POP data is representative of the relative availability of certain cards
with respect to other cards within a group.

Nicholls AB 350 POP report # (SGC + PSA) is 7.

Stahl AB 350 POP report # (SGC + PSA) is 8.

The average POP report # (SGC + PSA) of any of the remaining 35 subjects is 14 each.


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