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Old 04-05-2024, 06:34 AM
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Default 1953 Topps Paige - PSA 3.5?

I have the card in hand, and there is nothing I can see that isn't visible in the scan. Does this look like a 3.5 to everyone?
Attached Images
File Type: jpg 1953 Topps Satchell Paige_Probstein.jpg (201.0 KB, 183 views)
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Old 04-05-2024, 08:14 AM
cgjackson222's Avatar
cgjackson222 cgjackson222 is offline
Charles Jackson
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Looks significantly higher than a 3.5 to me. Yeah, its a bit off center, but there is little else wrong with that card.

Especially impressive is the bottom right corner where the red usually makes any wear very obvious. This card has little wear there.
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Old 04-05-2024, 08:20 AM
Beercan collector's Avatar
Beercan collector Beercan collector is offline
E.ric Bau.mh0er
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Location: Midwest
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At first glance it looks like an old Time psa 6
Or a modern PSA 4.5 ,
There appears to be a extremely light surface crease at the base of his neck that runs through the factory vertical scritch ,
Possibly running a bit along the edge of his shirt (collar)
Beautiful card for the grade

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Old 04-05-2024, 10:27 AM
raulus raulus is offline
Nicol0 Pin.oli
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Posts: 1,886

What's going on towards the top border? It almost looks like there could be some toning or maybe some grime or staining? Sort of the brown little flecks. Could also just be the printing, although it seems like it extends into the white border at the top, so it makes me wonder if it's some staining or dirt.

Edited to add: Is there also a scratch or two? Hard to tell if it's on the card or just the slab. But right above the T in Satchell, there's a scratch that moves up and to the right. And there's another that might be a print line that starts toward the bottom of his neck, and extends down, just between the C and H.
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Old 04-05-2024, 12:48 PM
GasHouseGang's Avatar
GasHouseGang GasHouseGang is offline
David M.
Join Date: May 2009
Location: S. California
Posts: 2,876

It looks really nice to me. As others have said, there may be some scratching on the surface, but that's difficult to detect in a scan. But I would say, it looks much better than the 3.5's I've bought over the years or that you generally see for sale.
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Old 04-05-2024, 02:23 PM
packs packs is offline
Join Date: May 2009
Posts: 8,441

Really nice card. Looks like there might be a wrinkle near the dot in St. Louis at the bottom. Might also be a wrinkle in his hat but it could just be a print line. Hard to tell. Great card in any case.
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Old 04-05-2024, 03:09 PM
jsfriedm's Avatar
jsfriedm jsfriedm is offline
Join Date: May 2020
Location: Medford, MA
Posts: 241

Thank you to everyone for their thoughts. The scratches near the name are on the case, not the card, and I really don't see any evidence of wrinkling or creasing. I do see one little brown fleck in the top border above his hat that Nicolo referred to. In any case, thrilled with the card. It's not like I intend to crack and resubmit or anything, because I have no intention of selling. Just a bit incredulous looking at the card and the grade and wondering what I was missing.
192/240 1933 Goudeys (Ruth #144, #149, Gehrig #92)
126/208 T205s
28/108? Diamond Stars
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Old 04-05-2024, 03:47 PM
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D@rrΣn Hu.ghΣs
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Best guess is the holder probably completely 'hides' a minor crease or wrinkle, because the grade makes absolutely no sense visually (the back seems perfect, too), and it got the .5 bump for being an exquisite example within the confines of the crease/wrinkle grade. But, even that doesn't make much sense, because then you have to wonder why it wasn't put into the 4.5 category due to its beauty??? Yowza!!

Awesome looking card!!!
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Old 04-06-2024, 02:57 PM
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D@le Irv*n
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Reminds me of my Bob Kuzava card. Can't be seen in the scans but there is a large wrinkle on the back of the card that does not come out on the front.
Not saying that's the case here but could be?
Attached Images
File Type: jpg Bob Kuzava PSA 3.jpg (117.6 KB, 82 views)
File Type: jpg Kuzava back wrinkle.jpg (66.8 KB, 82 views)
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