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Old 09-19-2016, 09:40 AM
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Default Complete Topps Sets - 1965, 1968, 1969, 1970, 1971, 1972

Hey guys,

I have a few sets to offer up at really nice prices today. Hoping these go pretty quickly! Most of these sets were put together by a collector who was more concerned about finishing the set, rather than completing a nice uniformed set. Therefore, the condition of these sets are rather sporadic, bouncing from low grade to mid grade. Additionally, all sets were placed in binders using the old school "back-to-back method", meaning you cannot see the backs of the cards because they are doubled up.

1965 Topps = $985
- G/VG as a whole, but again card conditions are all over the place. The Mantle appears EXMT, but has paper loss on the back. The set is not one of those sets where all the stars are lower than the commons, which is a good thing!

1968 Topps = $625
- G/VG/VGEX range mostly. Mantle is G, Nolan RC is F, and Bench RC VGEX. Not a ton of cards fall below the Good line, and there are a lot of cards VGEX and better. Nicer set than the '65T set for sure!

1969 Topps = $575
- VGEXish. this set is crazy! One page you see a nice Morgan that outshines the rest of the page....then you turn the page and see the Clemente, and think "Ugh!" There are soooo many cards nicer than VGEX, too, but there are a couple of cards per page lower than VGEX, easy. I think this set wouldn't take forever to upgrade to a nice solid mid grade set, though, if that's your passion. This set ALSO includes a few variations like Clendenon, RodriQuez, and others. Not White Letters, however.

1970 Topps = $495
- VG/VGEX as a whole. Some better and some worse. The Ryan and Bench are not particularly all that nice, however. Also includes a few Checklist variations.

1971 Topps = $500
- VG/VGEX as a whole, but I'd lean closer to VGEX. Definitely quite a few cards lower and higher. Includes the Nash "blob" variation and one the checklist variations in addition to the regular set/

1972 Topps = $525
- VGEXish with plenty of stinkers throughout including the Nolan which is F/G, but also plenty that are nicer. Includes a few Cubs variations as well.

All prices include shipping. I haven't scanned any cards yet, but can if so desired. I plan on doing it anyway soon to list on EBay if these aren't swallowed up quickly. I'm hoping the prices are set right for you all.

I will work with you on the price, especially if buying more than one set, but these prices are already pretty low compared to EBay's finished prices. Total comes to $3,705, but will do $3,575 delivered for all of them if purchased together.

PayPal FF preferred, but might consider other forms if necessary.

Collecting HOF RCs, t206 HOF tough backs, and other cards that look cool.
Member of OBC (Old Baseball Cards), the longest running on-line collecting club
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