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Old 09-08-2021, 11:50 PM
G1911 G1911 is online now McCl.@y
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Default WTB Boxing 1887-1912, mostly T and E

Looking for low to mid grade cards to finish my sets (and start some new ones), not interested in PSA 5's and such unless it's a card one can't be picky about condition on. Raw preferred, but will also happily buy graded. Have dupes in some sets to trade, also. Have crossed off a lot of needs thanks to this board (thanks, gents), figure it's worth a try as I reformat my list

N28 Allen & Ginter Boxers (5/10, 50%)
Jimmy Carroll, Jack Dempsey, Jake Kilrain, Charlie Mitchell, Jem Smith

N29 Allen & Ginter Boxers (0/8, 0%)
Duffy, Edwards, Havlin, Kerrigan, LaBlanche, McGee, Frank Murphy, Johnny Murphy

N43 Allen & Ginter Boxers (1/8, 12%)
Edwards, Havlin, Kerrigan, LaBlanche, McGee, Frank Murphy, Johnny Murphy

N162 Champions (4/10, 40%)
WITH Lithographer line on back: Kilrain, Smith, Sullivan

NO Lithographer line on back: Dempsey, Kilrain, Mitchell

N310 Mayo Cut Plug Boxers Name at Bottom (16/35, 45%)
Burns, Carney, Chonskia, Corbett, Daley, Dixon, Fitzsimmons, Griffo, Hall, Jackson, Kilrain, Maher, Mitchell, Plimmer, Ryan, Billy Smith, Ed Smith, Sullivan, Van Heest

Need to upgrade cards I have with the advertisement trimmed off: Lavigne, McBride, Walcott

N310 Mayo Cut Plug Boxers Name at Top (23/35, 65%)
Burns, Corbett, Edwards, Fitzsimmons, Godfrey, Griffo, Hall, Jackson, McAuliffe, Myers, O’Donnell, Walcott

Also interested in type cards of the other N sets, N174 Old Judge, N332 SF Hess, cabinets, etc. Also need a Corbett XZalia Cabinet.


E77 American Caramel (22/24, 92%)
Gotch, Langford

E78 Anonymous Caramel (2/25, 8%)
Attell, Berger/Jeffries, Brannigan, Burke, Young Corbett, Deshler, Erne, Gans, Jeffries, Johnson, Kaufman, Ketchell, Klaus, Langford, Harry Lewis, Willie Lewis, McFarland, McGovern, Moore, Moran, Nelson, O’Brien, Wolgast

E79 Philadelphia Caramel 27 Scrappers, BLACK Back (20/21, 95%)
Jack Johnson

E79 Philadelphia Caramel 27 Scrappers, RED Back (10/21, 47%)
Abe Attell, Bob Fitzsimmons, Marvin Hart, Jack Johnson, Johnson/Burns, Johnson/George Cole, Kaufman/Sullivan, Langford, Marton/Nelson, Rawlins, Arm and fist “Right” way, Arm and fist “Wrong” way

E80 Philadelphia Caramel 44 Scrappers (5/11, 45%)
Monte Attell/Abe Attell, Gardiner/Fitzsimmons, Jack Johnson, Kelly / Ketchel, McGovern / Corbett, Tommy Murphy

T9 Turkey Red Boxers (Checklist and ordering information on back) (19/26, 72%)
56 Sullivan, 61 Marto, 65 Langford, 68 Jeanette, 69 Cross, 70 McGovern, 71 Hurley

T9 Turkey Red Boxers (No ordering info on back, only a checklist) (3/26, 11%)
51 Driscoll, 52 Attell, 53 Wolgast, 54 Coulon, 55 Jeffries, 56 Sullivan, 59 Murphy, 60 Moran, 61 Marto, 62 Gardner, 63 Lewis, 64 Papkę, 66 Brown, 67 Ketchel, 68 Jeannette, 69 Cross, 70 McGovern, 71 Hurley, 72 Mellody, 73 Kaufman, 74 Lewis, 75 O’Brien, 76 Johnson

T218 Tolstoi Backs (46/50, 92%)
Abe Goodman, Jack Goodman, J.L. Hartranft, Unk Russell

T219 Honest Long Cut, GREEN Text backs (42/50, 84%)
Johnny Coulon, Joe Jeanette, Jack Johnson, Al Kaufman, Willie Lewis, Young Nitchie, Tommy O’Toole, Billy West

T219 Miners Extra Backs (47/50, 94%)
Frank Klaus, Frankie Neil, Jack Twin Sullivan

T219 Red Cross (10/50, 20%)
Matty Baldwin, Patsy Brannigan, Young Corbett, Johnny Coulon, Leach Cross, Al Delmont, Dave Deshler, Young Donahoe, Jim Driscoll, Abe Goodman, Jack Goodman, Battling Hurley, Joe Jeanette, James Jeffries, Jack Johnson, Al Kaufman, Stanley Ketchell, Frank Klaus, Patsey Kline, Sam Langford, Harry Lewis, Willie Lewis, Young Loughrey, Johnny Marto, Honey Mellody, Owen Moran, Battling Nelson, Dick Nelson, Young Nitchie, Jack O’Brien, Tommy O’Keefe, Tommy O’Toole, Unk Russell, Jim Stewart, Harry Stone, Jack Sullivan, Mike Sullivan, Fred Welsh, Billy West, Ad Wolgast

T220 Silver

Interested in all cards for another set.

T223 Dixie Queen Prize Fighters Past & Present (21/50, 42%)
James J. Barry, Tommy Burns, Jem Carney, Joe Choynski, Jack Dempsey, George Dixon, Mike Donovan in the 60’s, Billy Edwards, Young Erne, Bob Fitzsimmons, Charlie Goldman, Jack Goodman, Young Griffo, Marvin Hart, Peter Jackson, Ben Jordan, Frank Klaus, Jem Mace, Frankie Madden, Jack McAuliffe, Terry McGovern, Charlie Mitchell, Jack O’Brien, John L. Sullivan, Joe Wagner, Tug Wilson, FB Heenan and Sayers, FB Mace and King, FB Randall/Belasco

T225-1 Grey Borders
Slow building a master set, half way through now. The variations are numerous with the 10 different backs, interested if you have any. I have a proper checklist but would clutter too much to list out here.

T225-2 White Borders (23/25, 92%)
Kid Beebe, Ty Cobb

T226 Red Sun (34/50, 68%)
Attell, Coulon, Donahoe, Driscoll, Gans, Hayes, Hyland, Jeanette, Jeffries, Johnson, Ketchell, Keyes, Langford, Harry Lewis, Moran, Stone

T227 Honest Long Cut BLACK TEXT (15/24, 62%)
Home Run Baker, Bruce Brown, Cobb, Dixie IV, Willie Hoppe, Matt McGrath, Ralph Mulford, C.P. Rodgers, Uhlan

T227 Honest Long Cut PURPLE TEXT (6/24, 25%)
Abe Attell, Bender, Bruce Brown, Cobb, Alfredo De Oro, Dixie IV, Ess H. Kay, Budd Goodwin, Harold Hilton, Jack Johnson, Frank Klaus, W.J. Kramer, Rube Marquard, Jack McDermott, Matt McGrath, Ralph Mulford, C.P. Rodgers, Zbysko

T227 Honest Miners Extra (10/22, 45%)
Baker, Bender, Cobb, Alfredo De Oro, Dixie IV, Ess H. Kay, Harold Hilton, Willie Hoppe, W.J. Kramer, Jack McDermott, Ralph Mulford, Uhlan

T229 Kopec Backs (4/40, 10%)
Abe Attell, Monte Attell, Bond, Brookins, Frankie Burns, Tommy Burns, Campi, Choynski, Curtiss, Davidson, Driscoll, Flynn, Frayne, Gibson, Gotch, Hanlon, Hayes, Hyland, Jeffries, Johnson, Kaufman, Kelly, Latham, Leary, Longboat, McCarthy, McWood, Moran, Nelson, Parmalee, Radley, Sullivan, Thomas, Ward, Willard, Wolgast

T229 Pet Backs (13/40, 32%)
Abe Attell, Bond, Brookins, Frankie Burns, Tommy Burns, Campi, Choynski, Corbett, Curtiss, Driscoll, Flynn, Gibson, Hanlon, Hayes, Hyland, Jeffries, Johnson, Kelly, King, Longboat, McCarthy, Moran, Papke, Radley, Thomas, Willard, Wolgast

Canadian Cards - C52 Champion Athlete & Prize Fighter Series (91/109, 82%)
3b Tommy Murphy
4b Dick Hyland
5b Ad Wolgast
6a Budd Goodwin
7b Battling Nelson
26b Harry Porter
33b M.J. McGrath
50a Bert Keyes
52 Fred Welsh
60 Fred Herreshoff
62 Findlay Douglas
83 Willie Hoppe (portrait)
85 George Low
86 Jack Hobens
88 Harry Cline
89 Willie Hoppe (playing)
91 Alfred de Oro
92 George Sutton (Playing)

Last edited by G1911; 03-18-2023 at 12:35 AM. Reason: Crossed a few off
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