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Wow. That is really crazy.

I wonder (and this doesn't excuse the decision, just trying to figure out what's going on) if they are suggesting that the issue was hand-cut at the factory (as opposed to machine cut). That seems awfully thin, though.

It reminds me of an issue I often have with the TPGs regarding Japanese tobacco-style menko cards. For many series, the cards were generally issued precut from the factory. But then in each pack were certain "prize cards" with a stamp on the back that entitled the bearer to also get an uncut sheet (ranging from four to sixteen or more cards). Of course, many kids cut up their sheets to have all of the individual cards. But the TPGs insist (willy-nilly? randomly?) some days on simply marking all of the cards as hand-cut, not just those from the prize sheets. Some days they don't. I can find no rhyme nor reason. Anyway, it is different than the W575-1s, which seems cut and dry to me. But it is still annoying....

PS: They also grade all of the prize cards (which contain a stamp from the issuer on the back) as MK. In a sense, they are marked and that makes sense, although it seems there should be some distinction between these factory issued stamps and generally marking like doodling in pen on the back of the card....

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