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Default Information on Ron Lewis' Living Legends Set

Hello everyone. Ever since I discovered Ron Lewis' set of 20 Living Legends, I knew I had to complete the set. I actually outlined my progress here on the forum a couple of times. I eventually completed my journey, sometime during the pandemic, when I was able to complete the set. However I always find myself coming back to Lewis' artwork, specifically his reasoning behind choosing the 20 players that he did.

Was it some sort of rights agreement between the 20 that he ended up doing? There were certainly many players, including those who he had painted or had been apart of his other works that were not included in the set. Hank Aaron, Ted Williams, and Rickey Henderson are all examples of this, as they're apart of some of his other works, but not the Living Legends set. My only thoughts are that the set might have been tied in with one of the Shows that was going on at the time. Any information would be fantastic. Thank you.
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