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especially since they had to pay the signer, the fde and overhead costs like storage, advertising, etc. Koufax won't sign for 90, or mays for 45, so how could they sell it for 90 or 45? They might say they got it at a bankruptcy sale, etc. but if it was a real koufax ball, you could still easily sell it for a lot more. And if it was real adn they did a private signing with these guys, all they had to do is take a closeup of koufax signing that exact style of signature, with good documentation as to the date, location, and contract, and you wouldn't need the fde cert.

CSC sells the Ali signed 8 x 10 for 175 dollars, and Islamic pamphlets go for 150 on ebay, so a signed 8 x 10 that is real would go for well over 250-350 easy. At 175 I know a couple of people stockpiling hundreds of ali signed photos that would buy them all , all day long at that price. they aren't doing that, and that tells us all we need to know. I sold a real ali signed 8 x 10 to one of these stockpilers 2 years ago for 135, and it was inscribed, he still wanted it, because he is stockpiling ali signatures, but he doesnt want these uninscribed Ali's at csc, why not? we all know.

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