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I can't speak to the backs at all as I don't track those. But there are 208 different cards considered to be the 'basic' set. That includes the two team changes for Graham and Shean, who each have Cubs and Rustlers cards.

Beyond that is where the fun begins. PSA considers 221 needed for a master set, so they've added 13 to get there, which are the more well-known errors, including the Hoblitzells, Matty one loss, etc.

Beyond that are even more. I have ten different ones cataloged on my site and there are surely more than that. Some have only been brought to light in the last few years and my guess is that many more exist. Here are the 23 cards beyond the 208 that I know of so far. I've tried to keep track of the ones I've seen mentioned but I'm not sure of any other comprehensive listing of all of them out on the internet. Happy to add others that are known about as well that I'm missing.
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