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Default On the easel...

Hey all,

I hope nobody minds, but I figured that I would start a thread for whatever's going on in my studio. Well, anything that I think is worthy of posting, that is.

I figure that if everyone's cool with it, I can show some finished pieces here, as it's taking a while for me to get my website fully updated. Additionally, I can show some in-progress shots of other things, be they commissions or for my inventory. Just know that the quality of the photos I take myself aren't even close to that of the ones I have done professionally!

Speaking of whom, I just picked these up from those photographers:

Babe Ruth, 1927, 9"x12"

Joe DiMaggio, 1933 (I think), 9"x12"

Lou Gehrig, 1936, 16"x20"

The Ruth portrait is already spoken for by a fellow board member, but if anyone is interested in the other two, feel free to drop me a line.

And as usual, comments/critiques/rotten tomatoes are greatly appreciated.



PS: Oh, and special thanks to Jimmy for allowing me to use some of his images for these bad boys!

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