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Frankly, I was just looking at Dodgers initially, but noticed Arod and then started to get suspicious. It was Ryu and Bellinger that made me do double takes though. I don't search for these much anymore after the flood of big names appearing on trophy cards in the last decade, but every once in a while, I will check. I don't recall seeing either card signed before. I don't know either's signing habits, but I did at one time heavily collect the trophy cards signed. Would like to believe one or both are real, but just don't want to deal with the risks and have nearly given up on non-certified signed cards now.

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$3 signed cards from some of the toughest and best players in the majors wasnít enough of a red flag? How about all signed with mostly the same pen pressure using the same blue sharpie. It would still be a good deal at $20 per card, but once again if itís too good to be true it isnít.
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