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Originally Posted by ooo-ribay View Post
I was finally able to cross a long sought after item off my wantlist. Mike Egner (the pennant guy; Lefty147 on the board) picked this up in Missouri and sold it to me. After some hard fought negotiations , Mike got about 60% of what he was after and I paid double what I wanted . Mike is in Boise and I'm in Salt Lake...he didn't want to ship it and I didn't want to drive six hours and burn $125 in it so happens, I have a Las Vegas friend whose son lives in Boise. He had a trip planned anyway, so he picked it up and hand delivered it to me. I spent some time cleaning it up and put a new 15' cord on it with an in-line switch. I think it ended up where it was meant to be . The two shown in another picture are two I already owned. I think there's one more...
Outstanding Rob that is an incredible item

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81 of 153 regular season stubs (53%), 14 of 14 1971 ALCS, NLCS , and World Series stubs (100%)

If you have any 1971 Pirate regular season game stubs (home or away games) please let me know what have!
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