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Thank you all!

Originally Posted by jason.1969 View Post
Tim, was there any temptation at all to construct the work entirely out of 1988 Fleer Biggio cards?

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None. Unless it's requested that I use a HOFer's cards, I limit the cards cut to true commons (with emphasis on junk era wax). I occasionally have to stray from the junk era time period to include some Topps Heritage, Bowman Heritage, etc....but I have stayed firm since the beginning on the commons. I figure some kid somewhere will eventually be able to appreciate a legend's cards, low cash value included!

Originally Posted by kmac32 View Post
Any thought of doing an Ernie Banks this way?
I started the '54 Topps about 3 years ago, and it has remained unfinished since. Commission work amped up at that time, so it was pushed to the back burner. I also love the '56 Banks, and it would be one that I'd like to make in the future.
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