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Originally Posted by jbhofmann View Post
Darren Rovell called you one of the most talented sports artists just a bit ago on Twitter.

I'd expect to hear from people soon....he's a pretty powerful player on Twitter.
I woke today to find many, MANY more emails than I am used to receiving. This definitely explained it! To have anyone - and I mean anyone - to rank my work with some of the guys in the sports art business that we all's a powerful thing for the confidence!

Originally Posted by GasHouseGang View Post
I had an idea for a future project. Maybe you could do a card and make it look like it was in a graded holder. Something iconic, like the PSA 8 Wagner comes to mind. Just a thought.
I've always wondered if I could get PSA to special order a custom holder with enlarged flip to encase one of my pieces (I would want the '52 Mantle done this way). I would display it on an easel rather than hang it. If anyone knows someone within the PSA ranks that can make this happen......pretty please?

Originally Posted by jason.1969 View Post
A funny twist would be to flip this approach around by cutting up valuable vintage cards to create a 1989 Upper Deck Jerome Walton RC. Okay, kidding of course! Love your stuff!
Oh, the cards I once traded for a Jerome Walton '89 UD (along with a Dwight Smith from the same set)! I would be run out of town for this type of project, lol.
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