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Default maybe OT: How do vintage card prices compare to coin prices?

Posted By: Scott Elkins

wasn't the grading itself. The grading just proved that a lot of coins were not as rare as dealers had hyped them to be (especially Morgan Dollars). The grading was really a good thing, as it truly showed which coins were rare and which were not. Since then, the coin market has "leveled out" - rare coins have increased, while overhyped coins have come to their true prices.

Also, a lot of the common silver and gold coins are based on bullion prices. When silver and gold are up, prices are up. When silver and gold are down, prices are down.

All in all, the card market has PLENTY of room to grow price wise. Take a card with a population of one by all three major grading companies (ie: an Old Put Cobb, Baltimore News Cobb or Croft's Cocoa Cobb). These cards have sold this year for only four figures each. If they were coins, the price would have been at least six figures and more than likely, seven figures! So, for all those skeptics who think the "sky is falling" b/c caramels are increasing each month, you need to get out now and sell me your truly rare caramels now!!!!!!!

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