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Default Appraisal Request - Help with Valuation: Original Don Wingfield Player Signed Type 1s


Soliciting requests for help with valuation on the below: These are a recent acquisition and I'm in need of help for pricing the two. I would like to sell them, most likely in the Net54 Auction thread; but not sure where to begin.

The first is what I believe is an original Type I Don Wingfield Photograph of Stan Musial, signed by Musial. Second is what I believe is an Original Type I Wingfield of Jim Lemon, signed by Lemon. The Lemon photo appears to be the original card photo for the 1961 Peters Meats #17 card according to TCDB.

These are genuine and will pass PSA. I've just received PSA authentication on two other player photos that were part of the lot. PSA cert'd both autos as authentic and one as an original type 1 and the second as a type II restrike. I have not submitted these two due to high PSA authentication costs. Certs for the other two are 84251904 and 84251907 if you'd like to see.

Link to high resolution photos:

I appreciate the time and help.
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