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Originally Posted by Sidepocket View Post
A friend of mine came by today to have me look at a variety of cards he has that he's thinking about selling. Series 2 through 6 of Garbage Pail Kids, nice condition but slight corner wear on most. Not much money to be made there. Then he showed me some baseball cards, the nicest being a 73 Ryan that would probably grade a 7. I thought we were done, then he showed me a few basketball cards - and there they were. A 72 and a 73 Dr J. that are beautiful.

What would you grade these two cards? He's thinking to sell them raw, but I think he should grade them first. Appreciate any thoughts on what you would do if you were him.
195 looks prettt good I’ve been looking for them too. How much is he asking?

I just bought a fake scanned Dr J 195 topps 72 card from a seller on mercari, named “the card slander” witha fake certificate of authenticy. I cannot believe it, beware guys!
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