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Originally Posted by MikeGarcia View Post
..sheer financial positivity : PWCC gets higher prices from his buyers for PSA-graded sportscards....however , he charges a bit more than if you were to do it by yourself and let E-Bay take whatever it is they are taking nowadays....but I have found 100% of the time I as a seller ( or in this case "consignor to PWCC ) wind up with more $ $ clear by letting them do it all -- and not having to deal with the packing and shipping and post office line , and traffic ( oh ,and late payer/no payer ) that stuff is priceless beyond words........the cut-off point for me has been an estimated final auction price of more or less twenty bucks....if "sold" column for a card is less than $20 then yes , COMC is more logical...

..Gotta be some good backstory on how these particular cards fell into your life ???? Share ??

Hi Mike:

You are correct. There is a back story.

A good friend and fellow Hartland collector recently passed away. His family was kind enough to sell me his collection with the proviso I clean out everything because they did not want to deal with it all.

Thus, I ended up with these cards, other newer sets, Golf cards, McFarlands, a Dick Tracey wind up squad car, a GI Joe, autographed balls, etc. Things out of my knowledge zone like these modern cards
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