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Why can't I go to garage sales like that? Fantastic pickups.

Originally Posted by Cards2121 View Post
Hi guys, I just wanted to share a few of my finds from the last couple of months. Over the summer I went to a ďcity wideĒ garage sale. I came across a seller who had some old fish tobacco cards so I asked if he had any baseball cards. Turns out he used to be an antique dealer in the 80s and still had quite a few cards. We finally meet up In December and to my surprise he had a 1907 Wolverine News Cobb batting. We agreed on a price and I was ecstatic to acquire it. 2 weeks later I see an add for some old Tiger programs. Owner tells me he also had a stack of Wolverine postcards. Unfortunately he sold them already but put me in contact with the buyer. After about a month of negotiating I finally was able to acquire the stack which included another Cobb batting along with several team cards, a Crawford, Jennings, and 12 other commons! I recently got them graded, one Cobb came back a PSA 3 while the other SGC authentic (still not convinced its altered just has a funky cut on top). So in the 5 years Iíve been collecting Iíve never even seen a Wolverine news postcard and in 2 weeks I was lucky enough to buy 2 Cobbs! I figured the other Cobb postcard collectors might appreciate seeing these.
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