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Default Is it "ebay-legal" to put your reserve price in your description?

Posted By: runscott

I don't normally use reserves. Here's why I did it this time - I have two cards that are worth a lot. Unfortunately, there may not be "enough" knowedgeable interested ebay bidders to realize this, and so my card may sell low, to one very happy buyer. The only way to avoid this is to not auction such cards on ebay, using Mastro or some other service. Actually, I had planned to auction the Matty Hindu through Mastro, but screwed around and missed the consignment date. The OBAK error card was a last-second lark and I will regret it if it only goes for the reserve ($500)

I could be all wrong about this, but I'm not quiet ready to take my chances on these particular cards.

Thanks for all your input!

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