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Default Is it "ebay-legal" to put your reserve price in your description?

Posted By: Lee Behrens

Just some thoughts on reserves. I may be wrong with this but I think when I first started on ebay, you were charged for your minimum bid with the reserve fee charged only if it didn't sell. Now it seems that you get charged the price on your reserve, not the minimum bid. I think people were using reserves for two purposes eliminate those stupid bottom dwellers that wiped out BiN, and to save a little cost on ebay. Putting a reserve in your listing was a way of letting serious bidders know what to bid to really get the auction going. I always laugh when these auctions get bids below the listed reserve.
I personally do not like bidding on reserve auctions that have not met there reserve, I feel it is a waste of time alot of these people seem to have very high reserves. i know I am not the only one with this theory and if that is the case you do not get the true auction price THE END.

not that I would not use the feature in the future.

Just my thoughts


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