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Default Is it "ebay-legal" to put your reserve price in your description?

Posted By: mike mullins

I have often considered putting stuff up on ebay with an enormous reserve, just to see what it's "worth". Start bidding off at one cent and see where it goes.

Also, I might do this if I MIGHT want to sell, but only for the right price. Again, set the reserve really high (so that there's no way it will actually be met), and then when the auction ends, if the reserve isn't met but I like the last bid, I'll sell the item. I do realize that you lose eBay's fraud protections when you choose to sell something that hasn't met the reserve - I'd only probably sell to someone with a high feedback, or someone I knew...but then again, I reserve the right to do whatever I want.

Well, that's my thought on reserves. I've never actually used one (I don't sell much), but I might for reasons above. Would appreciate your comments.

Best Wishes!


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