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Default Is it "ebay-legal" to put your reserve price in your description?

Posted By: warshawlaw

but I don't get the idea of a reserve in an ebay auction. In a regular auction, you reserve to keep the card from selling too low because the auction house would otherwise have plenary authority to blow out your lot. In my naive days, I got ****ed plenty by Teletrade because of their ability to set whatever price they wanted on a lot (I once netted a buck for a lot--the rocket scientists at Teletrade set the price of the lot at $1 over their commission). On ebay, if you want a price, you can just set it as the minimum. I realize some people say that it creates traffic to set a low opening, but if it doesn't get the card sold, who cares if there is traffic. I far and away prefer to see what the seller wants right up front.

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