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Originally Posted by Stonepony View Post
My father and I made this set in 1979. I talk about the set here:
I enjoyed your video, can I ask you about the Willie Mays autograph?

I believe you say they were all in-person signatures. Is that truly the case? Were you there when he signed it, or was your dad solo? The reason I ask is because there is a long standing debate concerning his autographs, namely how people (who never offer any proof of it) claim that autographs similar to yours were done by his wife. Their sticking point is often the specific use of a dot above each 'i' (Just looked this up: It's called a “tittle,” better known as a superscript dot or diacritic dot) means that Mrs. Mays, NOT Willie, signed it. I've never bought that (but readily admit that I have no proof of it either, and assume that his signature just evolved/slimmed down over the years to what it commonly looks like now). All the TTM autos people have from that time period (I'm assuming the 1980's?) look so very similar to yours, so it's hard to fathom how two different people (not counting professional forgers) could possibly have the exact same handwriting, if yours was actually done in-person. I'm hoping you may be able to add some 'proof' or insight to the debate. Here's a screenshot from your video:

1953 Bowman B:W Extension set Mays in person auto.jpg

Here's what some of mine look like:


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