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Default counterfeit azo postcards?

Posted By: fkw

My AZO cards have all been glossy smooth surfaced real photos.

Those 2 Ruths GTP.RO are new to me, I saw them about 3 days ago. I was the under bidder.

The "Ruth and other guy" are both AZO cards (one is printed very light and almost looks blank backed), and the Mantle is a Kodak card.

The left handed batting one is normal photo but the right handed one seems to be a flipped negative but tough to tell since you cant see the logo on the hat. I compared the background seats and characteristics of the belt and belt loops and think it is a flipped negative (but a different photo, notice hands on the other guy are reversed)

Also wanted to add that the Mantle is a Kodak PC, but that type of stampbox was used for many years, 1950-Now. It could be vintage 1951-55 like the photo looks, but its the same postcard design as the 1977 Jim Rowe cards (page 328 in the 2007 SCD) except all of the Rowe cards Ive seen have had the players name written in pen or pencil on the back of the cards (always seems to be the same handwriting, Jim Rowe??). I have a couple Rowe/Kodak cards not checklisted (D.Dean, Manush), so there are many others, including a couple 1950 era Negro Leaguers.

BTW who is the guy pictured with Ruth????

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