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Default Pionero 1971

Yesterday I showed you the "Pioneer" collection from December 1970, today you will see the one from November 1971, these 40 cards but with the faces drawn, this collection is more common than the previous one. I have sometimes seen it on ebay, now I tell you An anecdote, about 8 or 9 years ago, the starting players of the National Series were invited to the Stadium to see a game of the Industriales team and a tribute to them, at the beginning of the game I go to the stands behind home play and I sit next to Pedro Chavez, we talked for about 10 minutes and I carried an envelope with 2 albums from this series, at that moment I showed it to Chavez so that he could sign his postcard, but he was amazed for a while looking, and He tells me: Rolando has passed many years and the first time I see him, it is something amazing, around us were the other veteran players, Marquetti, Vinent, Arias, Capiro, Puente, Rachath, Isasi, and the 2 albums went through the everyone's hands and they signed it, none of them I had seen them, I talked and shared with all of them, when I was going to retire shortly after, Chavez calls me and thanks me for teaching him something they did not know and for keeping those cards for so many years. I'll show you some of those signed cards. ,
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