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Originally Posted by thatguywithadot View Post
i do feel that there are some patient "thoughtful" or detailed(horrible word LOL) counterfeiters out there that the masses including tcg will not catch nor can with the little wiggle room of variance that existed between print runs.
That's one of the reasons a lot of people don't get into the very detailed specifics on fakes. If we can read it, so can the forgers. And there isn't a lot of upside to doing their research/QA for them.

I bought a fake in 1978, that at the time was a lot of effort for the $2 it cost me. Someone actually copied a black and white halftone card, and a reverse and printed them on a press.
But they put a back on the card that it shouldn't have... Close, but nope. I keep it to remind me how much I always need to learn.

The card I saw in I think 81 or 82 was a really beautiful 51 Mantle. The dealer I hung out at handed it to me and asked what I thought about it. After a couple minutes I said "beautiful card, too bad it's fake" He asked how I knew, and all I could come up with was that it just seemed off but I couldn't say why. He'd shown it to a few local dealers and had talked to a couple others farther away who had also been sent the card. Everyone had the same opinion.
I like to think that now almost 40 years later I might be able to prove it was fake.
As far as I know they declined buying it, and sent it back.
(Oh, for the days when someone would actually mail a 51 Mantle to a dealer asking for an offer.... )

It's very likely there are some really skilled forgers out there. But they almost always get caught eventually

From a different hobby
And a whole rogues gallery of others, some very skilled, some less so.

Someday we may have similar resources for cards, but that may not be in my lifetime.

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