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Originally Posted by ASF123 View Post
Thanks for this! I've been back buying cards for several months now after a long hiatus, and I've gotten to the point where the half-tone pattern of vintage postwar printing seems instantly recognizable when viewed through a 10x loupe. I've also spotted a few fakes that had the ink jet/laser print patterns you describe above.

Do you know if there is any counterfeiting method that can replicate the half-tone pattern well enough to be indistinguishable from the real thing even under a loupe? Or can I be confident that if it has the right look, it's good?

well they all are going to resemble when a high quality fake under loupe when it comes to the dotting as that is the premise for the printing methods its just how they go about doing it that creates differences. When it comes to purchasing an item you should have commons on hand for the set and study them so you know the look and feel of the cards etc and loupe them as it will familiarize you with that set. Biggest thing is always the tonal discrepancies between the real and fake. THEY ARE ALWAYS OFF! not as vibrant and shiny projected to the human eye in the print where it should be etc. cards should not have a dull appearance to them even all busted up as the inks are brilliant
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