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I agree that I donít see this as being disrespectful and I echo the comment that at least no actual vintage item was destroyed to make the card. It's more a matter of whether this is the kind of thing you like.

If you want to see something disrespectful, look what someone did to an actual card. They took a 1990 Topps #2 Nolan Ryan (worth almost $1) and made it into a vaguely humorous piece of sort-of art. And then someone bought it and gave it to me because I often hum this song and they know I like baseball cards. And now I display it on my bookshelf because, while I do not collect modern cards, I think it is kind of funny.

The fact that there are new cards being made that you donít like, or are being sold in a way you don't like, should not affect your enjoyment of the part of the hobby you do like. As long as there is no deceit involved, I try not to get too worked up about what someone else is buying or selling.

The card the OP posted is not my cup of tea either so I will not be buying itÖalong with not buying millions of other cards available for sale (except for hopefully a couple of the cheaper ones in the Heritage auction).
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