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Default Punch 1910

Richard, days ago you asked me to mention from 1 to 5 the cards that I consider rarer, I have already spoken about that, I think # 1 should be the "Punch" they are rare and in great demand, the rarest of this collection It is the photo card with the team members in a group, the players in their original photo, without the brown frame that borders them on the cards and a black frame on the 4 edges, it is a super rare piece, larger and the factory gave a gift just like the letters. From 2 to 5, without putting order, "Billiken" and "La Moda" these also have the rarest piece which are the individual photos 8 X 10 inches, super rare, I follow "Mallorquinas" "Cabaņas" "Aguilitas" 2nd series, etc, all are in great demand but they are not the rarest,
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