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3 days ago I received an email and they asked me how many Coca Cola cards were in the collection, I then asked, because there are several things of that brand in Cuban baseball, so he sent me a Havana card, then I posted one on the thread. card and yesterday a group of several, with the intention that some of you will answer the question, but I see that none have answered, I think it is because they do not know or because nobody is interested in this topic, many years ago I got the family of a seller of the brand a lot with these cards in their original envelopes sealed with the cards inside and previously a card from a sample book, which on the back, by mechanical means, the brand of the factory appeared printed, I plan to reply with photos to the persian who asked me, to your email, but if it is of interest to some of this thread, and they ask me, then I publish it here,
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