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My original post was meant to get the dialog going. My personal opinion is that the card market is at a very interesting turning point. I believe one of two things will happen with this sale. First scenario is that it plays out exactly as Ryan outlined and that a "traditional" collector buys the card. If that's the case, I think the low pricing scenario wins out. The second scenario is that I believe big money pools have already entered the sportscard market. They have really large sums that they need to "invest", especially as they continue to gather new money. It's much easier for them to do so on a big card than many $10k cards. If that's the case, than this card has the potential to really take off. What makes this auction interesting is that there's a second significant card for auction, and I would even say a more significant card, with the wagner. This may keep a lid on a really crazy price from happening for either card. Nonetheless, it will be fun to watch.
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