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Originally Posted by Vintageclout View Post
Ryan - not even close. The Ruth 7 on a bad day will fetch roughly $3 million. A soiled “6” realized nearly $1 million in memory lane so it serves to reason, the 7 should end up at least 3x that amount....and probably more.
Joe, first, the OP states the Ruth could easily surpass $8mm- zero chance. Second, the one in ML was a sporting news back and the 7 is a blank, the former being significantly more desirable; at worst a blank back 7 is equal to a sporting news back 6 (just under $1mm for a soiled one). I agree with Jesse, if you are putting the over/under at $2.9mm, I am betting the house on the under. The card will go for a lot of money, and no doubt set a record for a blank back 7, but I am capping it at $1.5mm and think it goes south of that. I would have no problem being wrong. We will see

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