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What is even more nuts is the last time in 2016 a 7 sold for 717k in 2015 one sold for $552k and in 2018 sold for $384k.

So for one to sell in Heritage in the millions is just a major jump in price in such a relatively short time is amazing.

I am hoping Ruth takes the crown and holds it versus the modern cards.

In the interest of transparency I am biased because I have a PSA 4 so I have interest as it helps increase the value of all the others like mine
Thanks all

Jeff Kuhr

Looking for Babe Ruth Cards (Pre 1925) Especially The Ruth Throwing Pose, Joe Jackson Cards (With emphasis on 1916 Advertising Backs), 1910 Old Mills Joe Jackson, 1917 Boston Store Joe Jackson, 1914 Boston Garter Joe Jackson and other playing day cards
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