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Originally Posted by Duluth Eskimo View Post
Yes to both what Mark and Rob said. There are plenty of good deals to be had if you donít fall in to the ďIím going to compete with everyone elseĒ theory. These are all a perfect example of 75 year old tough items in really nice shape. I believe the latest example is older as well and has a different font for lettering. Iíve always really liked almost all vintage Braves pennants. In my area, Milwaukee had a huge following before the Twins. My grandfather used to take the kids on baseball trips down to Milwaukee from Duluth back in the 50ís. Also, hard to find a nicer uniform than the 50ís Braves.
Regarding that last sentence... I agree completely.

Aesthetically, the top 3 Unis of the 1950s are Braves, Cardinals and Reds (just my opinion, in no particular order). Tough to beat the Braves Tomahawk, Birds perched on a Bat, and a beaming Mr. Redlegs!
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