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Hello Jason, now I saw the whole message you sent me about the 1893 manual, everything that appears very interesting, from what I read, you have a great collection, the book "The Nine Zeros in Cuba" by An Old Aficionado, 1878-1911 , you got it? "The Base Ball in Cuba" 1889 by Wenselao Galvez, "The Monarch and his Prowess" by Horacio Roqueta, 1920 from Babe Ruth's visit to Cuba in 1920, do you have them? In González Echevarria's comment he mentions Felix Julio Alfonso, this great friend of mine and author of several very important books on the history of baseball in Cuba, his specialty is the 19th century, two days ago he called me and today he will call me again. because you need some photos of Torriente, Mendez and Dihigo for a new book. Greetings Jason, I await your response.
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