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Hola, Roland, buenos días. Your knowledge of Cuban baseball and Cuban baseball cards, as shown in
these two threads, is enormously impressive. We're wondering if you have any information on Cuban
baseball board games and Cuban baseball card games.

We're aware of several Cuban tabletop baseball game items, but we're not certain of all their correct names,
nor that all of them are even games at all -- Baraja Pelotera Unica, Beisbolito, EME Baseball Con Cartas,
as well as ¡Play Ball! and Parchi Deportivo -- but we have almost no details about any of them, except
that they were manufactured in the 1940s and '50s, and we have only very poor photos of the first three.

Do you have any knowledge about any of those? We'll post what images we have if it's any help. ¡Gracias!
-- the three idiots at
Baseball Games

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