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Hello Seth, you say that this is the type of thread that makes net54 special, I try to answer the questions as completely as possible, there is something very important to me which is the history of baseball, all the cards tell a story, in the "Cabaņas Cigars and" Punch "is the history of the American series that took place every year in Cuba, each card is part of history. For example, in the 1910 series there are the cards of Ty Cobb and" Pop "Lloyd, two of the greats of all time but there are more, Major League Baseball players and Black League players, who played historical and friendly matches in Cuba, you say you have a Cabaņas Cigar postcard, so with that single card you have in your collection part of the history of those parties of 1909, from my point of view all cards have the same historical value, be it a Ty Cobb card or the most unknown of the series, this has nothing to do with the value cad commercial On the card, I thank you for finding my writings in a guiding way.As for the question you ask me about my catalog, I will tell you that due to covid19, there have been delays, so far there are only 10 printed copies, 3 of them are in the United States, and all are in the hands of net54 members, I think when the situation will normalize and the 3 volumes are printed with some copies in Spanish, start printing in English with more copies, now I have I have to go out in my car, when I return I will continue with what I left unfinished yesterday from the 1909 cards, I will tell you interesting things.
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