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Default Punch 1910

Hello, you tell me to answer you on the thread. "Punch" 1910. You say that you saw the images in my catalog on ebay, now I answer you, In the list of the known cards appear, since perhaps there are more, some of the players who played in the series do not appear in the collection and the answer is: the cards were not made or until now none have appeared, but they could appear in the future. This collection is of great rarity. Another of your questions I answer, I show two Chicho González cards because they are both different, in one of them the letters are printed in block letters and in the other handwritten, in one it says Pitcher and in the other not, this variation appears in several, but I put Chicho because of the anecdote that he threw Ty Cobb in a game 3 times and he always dominated it. In 1910 when Detroit and Philadelphia played the series with Habana and Almendares there are many things to tell, two Cigarette Factories had a relationship with these teams "Punch" and "Larrañaga" I will tell you this and other things in another message.
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