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Hello Octavio, in your message that I did not understand well, I think you mentioned to me about the Hall of Fame, in Cuba the Hall was created in 1939, some time after the one in the United States, from 1939 to 1961, 68 members were exalted, but at the end Professional Baseball in Cuba stopped working, in 2014 we met a group of 12 people between journalists and historians and after 3 months preparing the regulations etc. We put it to work again, 10 were exalted, from the professional stage 5 and the National Series 5, the exaltation took place in December 2014 with a historic act before starting the All-Star Game. Orestes Miņoso, Camilo Pascual, Conrado Marrero, A. Maestri, Esteban Bellan who played in the leagues in the United States in the 19th century were exalted, there is much to write about this since I was from the first moment in the group of 12. Greetings
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