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Originally Posted by obiwan1129 View Post
I'm really into putting things into the binders these days. I really want to be able to open it up and look at the cards from time to time. Does anyone have strong feelings on laying the binders flat or up, vertically like on a book shelf?
If you place a binder on a shelf vertically, as you would a book, there is a risk that the weight of the pages will pull the back end down with binder opening up slightly and the pages contacting the shelf, leading to curling at the bottom of the pages -- and possibly the cards in the bottom slots. You can counter this by ensuring the front and back covers are tightly pressed against the pages or by using binder slip cases. The binder and slip case combinations sold by archival storage companies are very nice but also pricey. However, considering the value of what they're protecting, you might find them to be worth it.
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