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Originally Posted by Johnny630 View Post
I agree with one statement made above.... this has been going on for over 25 years....people who think it hasnít been are not thinking logically....itís a very sad state of affairs...the level of corruption and malfeasance just keeps growing....why? Because itís very difficult to hold any TPG accountable... itís just an opinion....people are benefiting on almost every end so people stay hush...guys are passionate about the sport/hobby...guys with money/collectors are passionate about the registry.....dealers/auction houses are passionate about making money using their benefits more to keep business as usual...itís so sad.....we either have to accept the fact the industry is the way it is... or find something new to find enjoyment in.......
Sure, but some are being duped into paying top prices for altered cards. Maybe they don't care, but I bet most would.

This is different than back before grading, grading gives alot of people comfort, but that comfort is an illusion.

Even worse are the Brents of the world, who provide an avenue for the scammers.

-Stan Golen

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