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Default Simple math

Originally Posted by Wid_Conroy View Post
SGC now dropped the price back down .... to $30, not $25.

I amazes me that they cannot figure out their price structure. I do not mind that they jacked up prices to control flow. it is the only way to stop these idiots from sending in junk. But why is the price not back to $25? When they announced their new business model, presumably they did a lot of work to think about the pricing, and landed on $25. And now all of a sudden it is $30?
$5 X 4000 cards per day = an extra $20K per day for SGC!

In the Video they say they are trying to find the right price to have supply=demand. I get it in concept, but going to be very imperfect in practice.

Video was interesting - thanks for posting.
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