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Originally Posted by doug.goodman View Post
Thank you Avery. Too bad the opinion sellers don't seem to be aware of your advice.

i take it you are referring to the sellers out there that swear there cards are real and
"if its a fake that means i got a fake card over 25 years ago!" people??? LOL

I try to deal in facts as best as possible...I feel it simplifies things in a way everyone can process and interpret in whatever subway their train of thought takes to make it the same destination either way!

I do not believe for one second anyone should take what someone offers in the form of opinion whether that is grade projections conditionally or what lure the fish are biting that day and why unless they want to biologically break it down with facts that can be tracked in datasets to show evidential truth...sounds too nerdy for most i am aware of this but in a nutshell I say I have only smelt fish in one particular instance in my life...when it is fishy!
"Most truths in life are the result of self fulfilling prophecy in reality."


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